February 7, 2018 – ShipHero Nicholas Daniel-Richards, Collaboration Thea Singer Spitzer and Start Standing Ryan Fiorenzi

February 7, 2018 – ShipHero Nicholas Daniel-Richards, Collaboration Thea Singer Spitzer and Start Standing Ryan Fiorenzi

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Nicholas Daniel-Richards – Founder of ShipHero, Builder and Disruptor 

Nicholas Daniel-Richards has worked across many industries and has collaborated with Anna Wintour on the launch of Vogue.com, Pete Cashmore on the mobile launch of Mashable, and most recently, NBA players Steph Curry, Lebron James and Chris Paul on various projects as the Chief Digital Officer of the National Basketball Players Association. Nicholas first learned of the challenges of eCommerce while building out the BBC eCommerce platform. Since then, he has worked with longtime friend Aaron Rubin to launch ShipHero, which has seen incredible growth over the past five years. Building great products and organizations is what excites Nicholas the most. He has an excellent understanding of both the big picture and the specific steps that are needed to accomplish the larger goals. ShipHero is directly integrated with all major shipping carriers so you get the cheapest rate for every order you ship. It powers businesses of every size specializing in a variety of products, including perishables, electronics, custom bicycles, and fishing gear.
Nicholas Daniel-RichardsNicholas Daniel-Richards

Thea Singer Spitzer – Author of The Power of Collaboration: Powerful Insights from Silicon Valley to Successfully Grow Groups, Strengthen Alliances, and Boost Team Potential

Thea Singer Spitzer, a founder of Critical Change LLC, has been a consultant, strategic adviser, and coach to executives, leaders, and organizations for nearly 30 years. Her expertise in collaboration is a union of company need and her own passion. She has helped companies achieve more by fostering a culture where employees work better together and help people do things in ways that make the most sense for today and tomorrow. Thea has received accolades and awards for her work. Thea partners with firms to create a climate where leaders work together and accomplish organizational goals, individuals and teams contribute at maximum levels towards business goals and strategies, employees willingly share intelligence, knowledge and best practices with others, and great ideas result in stellar innovations and improvements.
Thea Singer Spitzer

Ryan Fiorenzi – Founder of StartStanding.org

Ryan Fiorenzi is a founder of StartStanding.org, which addresses common back pain remedies, the benefits of standing and sitting for adults and kids. He offers product recommendations on standing desks, chairs, treadmills, best bikes for commuting, and more. Ryan suffered from severe, intermittent back pain after a martial arts training injury in 2007. He started researching the causes of his back pain, and in the process, talked to dozens of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other experts. Six months after he began his in-depth research, his back pain was gone, and he was sold on the power of a movement-based lifestyle. Ryan then assembled a team to help spread the word about simple things that people can do to greatly improve their quality of life. And that is the reason StartStanding.org was born. In StartStanding.org they educate the public about the dangers associated with prolonged sitting and created step-by-step programs to help people take the first step towards an active lifestyle. It also produces comprehensive product guides and consumer reviews to help people make better, more informed choices on a wide range of health-related topics.
Ryan FiorenziRyan Fiorenzi

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