March 16, 2021 – Matt Gillis, Music Therapy Entrepreneur Tim Ringgold and Preserving Wealth Alex Gonzalez

March 16, 2021 – Matt Gillis, Music Therapy Entrepreneur Tim Ringgold and Preserving Wealth Alex Gonzalez

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Matt Gillis – CEO of 

Going public was one of the greatest days of my career,
but being public is really hard!

Matt Gillis is the CEO of, the emerging leader in the prevention of cross platform malvertising.’s quarterly Smart Report details malvertising and ad revenue trends gathered from tens of billions of impressions each month, in real time, on over 7 million websites and apps across the network. Prior to joining, Matt was SVP of Publisher Platforms at Verizon subsidiary Oath where he led the team responsible for the company’s billion dollar plus global publisher facing programmatic and monetization business unit. A mobile industry veteran, Matt joined Oath via the AOL acquisition of Millennial Media where he served as President of the company’s platform business and was a key member of the Millennial Media leadership team that took the company public on the NYSE in 2012. Millennial Media was later acquired by AOL (a Verizon Company) in October 2015 for $250 million.

Tim Ringgold  – Owner of Sonic Divinity Music Therapy Services

I reach for music based on what I need it to do for me.

Tim Ringgold is the Owner of Sonic Divinity Music Therapy Services and author of Sonic Recovery: Harness the Power of Music to Stay S.O.B.E.R. Tim’s mission is to empower people to reach for music when they are facing stress in work or life, rather than harmful substances or digital distractions. He spent the past 11 years in hospitals and treatment centers helping people to reduce pain and relieve stress. Tim has given over 80 talks nationally and internationally on the subject, including the very first TEDx talk on music therapy, and has shared the stage with top thought leaders and researchers on how music affects the brain. He has provided music therapy to thousands of teens and adults to help them lower anxiety and reduce pain. Tim is also an award winning international speaker, having shared the stage with some of the top minds on music, the brain, and personal development, including Tony Robbins. Tim was the first person to give a TEDx talk on music therapy in 2012. Tim is also a former Regional President of the American Music Therapy Association.

Alex Gonzalez Financial Planning Expert at Regions Private Wealth

There is a difference between building wealth and preserving it
and we work with clients at both ends of the spectrum.  

Alex Gonzalez is a Regional Market Executive for Regions Private Wealth in Orlando, Florida. Gonzalez and his team work closely with high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients to provide customized solutions across a variety of investment and financial objectives. Gonzalez joined Regions in 2010. Previously, he served as Private Banking Director for Wachovia, now Wells Fargo, where he served clients in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and other Florida cities for nearly 28 years.