August 11, 2015 – Culture of Excellence Brandon Shamim & Surefire Social Chris Marentis

August 11, 2015 – Culture of Excellence Brandon Shamim & Surefire Social Chris Marentis

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Brandon Shamim – Award-winning Leadership Development Strategist, Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Beacon Management Group 

Brandon Shamin is an award winning, business strategist, leadership coach, and college instructor. He spent 20 years in corporate communications, public policy, strategic planning, and business development,and he has creating positioning and influencer strategies for Fortune 500s, private companies and government agencies. Brandon has a record of achievement leading teams and creating results in local government, a Fortune 100 financial/insurance company, a national public policy think tank and as a U.S. Department of Commerce executive. He consults on small business issues and has been cited in the Los Angeles Times, Associated Press and Inc. Magazine, and appeared on CNNMoney, Dateline NBC and the Chris Matthews Show. He is an instructor for leadership and organizational culture for Goldman Sachs 10 K Small Business and a Professor of strategic management and branding at UC Riverside’s Institute for Global Business. He won the 2011 Recognition as a Forward Thinker by California Forward, the 2011 Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year by the South Asian Business Network, the Corporate Leadership Award from the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center, and the Thomas Jefferson Book Award from the University of Virginia. And he won 18 Commendations from U.S. Congressional, CA state and local legislators!
Brandon ShamimBrandon ShamimBrandon Shamim

Chris Marentis – Founder and CEO at Surefire Social 

Chris Marentis is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator determined to leave a legacy bigger than himself. Chris grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a father who owned a home contracting HVAC business. Chris wants to help the local entrepreneur, like his father, so they are not left behind. This inspired him to write “Surefire Social: the guide for local SMB’s to compete in the digital world.” Businesses began asking for help implementing their digital marketing and Surefire evolved into a SaaS and services business. The company’s dramatic growth came thanks to referrals from rabidly loyal clients. The company’s latest innovation Surepulse, an SMB’s Digital CMO, provides data insights and competitive tactics to marketing novices, giving them complete control over their online marketing activities. Chris has spoken at SMX, BIA/Kelsey, Hanley Wood International Roofing Show and Contractor Summit, NAILBA National Conference, Tech Summit, CCN, GAF Wealth Builders, and Gutter Helmet National Dealer. He contributes to Street Fight, Search Engine Land, iMedia, Social Media Today, and Franchising World‏.
Chris MarentisChris MarentisChris Marentis

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