February 23, 2015 – Rides for Lives w Chris Ategeka & Mental Fitness Coach Ava Diamond

February 23, 2015 – Rides for Lives w Chris Ategeka & Mental Fitness Coach Ava Diamond

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Chris Ategeka – Forbes 30 Under 30, Founder Ridesforlives and Co-Founder Privail

Christopher Ategeka is the founder and CEO of Rides for Lives. Motivated by his own experiences of growing up in rural Uganda as an orphan, Rides for Lives was launched in 2011 to manufacture and develop the local community through social innovation and greater job opportunities. It connects individuals and communities in East African to critical health and economic opportunities by building and coordinating the distribution of locally made transport vehicles. After losing his parents at age seven and becoming the head of the family, he started his first company in order to support his four younger siblings – a neighborhood trash collection service. He is also a PhD student at UC Berkeley.

Chris AtegekaChris AtegekaChris Ategeka

Ava Diamond – Mental Fitness Coach, Consultant, Pro Bodybuilder & Speaker

Ava Diamond has assisted thousands of people evolve to obtain and maintain their emotional, mental, physical, professional, and relational goals. Learning from the best professionals, inspired by outstanding accomplishments of others, and being dedicated to the process of skill development, she proudly offers clients unique and effective specialized approaches to personal growth. Her pioneering leadership style and entrepreneurial bent, combined with decades of clinical practice and years of emerging as a professional athlete, has allowed her to develop mental fitness programs for groups, individuals, families, corporations, hospitals, and students.
Ava DiamondAva Diamond

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