May 22, 2020 – China Thoughts Curtis Ellis, Traditionalism Dr. Ben Teitelbaum and Virtual Pageant

May 22, 2020 – China Thoughts Curtis Ellis, Traditionalism Dr. Ben Teitelbaum and Virtual Pageant

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Curtis Ellis – Policy Director for America First Policies

The Communist Party of China has been waging
economic war against America.  

Curtis Ellis is the Policy Director for America First Policies, a non-profit organization committed to empowering the voices of tens of millions of Americans who support a more prosperous and stronger country that allows everyone the opportunity to achieve their own American dream. Curtis also served as an Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance, Senior Policy Advisor on the 2016 Trump-Pence campaign, on the Presidential Transition Team, and as special adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Labor in the International Labor Affairs Bureau. Ellis was an architect of the populist economic message that brought union households and Democratic voters onboard the Trump train and smashed the Blue Wall of crucial battleground states. Prior to joining the campaign, he led the fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement alongside Senator Jeff Session, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon. His work as a journalist, producer, writer and reporter has appeared on HuffPost, The Hill, FOX Business, NBC, CNN, NPR and in the NY Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, TIME and other outlets.

Dr. Ben Teitelbaum – Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology at University of Colarado and Author of War for Eternity

My book is about people fighting for eternity and against
the notion of progress.  Progress is a lie. 

Dr. Benjamin R. Teitelbaum is an award-winning expert on right-wing radicalism and a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. As a political commentator, he has written op-eds for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Atlantic. Ben is the author of War for Eternity: Inside Bannon’s Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers, an explosive and unprecedented inside look at Steve Bannon’s entourage of global power brokers and the hidden alliances shaping today’s geopolitical upheaval. He has spent hours in face-to-face conversations with former Trump campaign manager and special advisor Steve Bannon. Drawing from exclusive interviews with Bannon’s hidden network of far-right thinkers, Teitelbaum exposes their considerable impact on the world and their radical vision for the future. In his groundbreaking and urgent account, award-winning scholar of the radical right Benjamin Teitelbaum takes readers behind-the-scenes of Bannon’s global campaign against modernity.

AND, the Miss Quarantine Pageant! 

Airing live May 30th at 9/8c on Facebook, The Miss Quarantine Pageant is bringing laughs to quarantine homes everywhere. A 40 minute extravaganza, the comedy is a parody of traditional beauty pageant tropes with absurdist elements all filmed on workable green screens from the casts home in order to film completely remotely. Created and directed by Brooklyn New York’s own Lauren Greenhall, a notable comedic filmmaker for TV and digital platforms. Look for it!!