April 13, 2018 – Long Tail SEO & Affiliates Greg Jeffries, ChicCartel Olga Gomonova and Imaginormous Challenge Winner Sage Marie Spaeth

April 13, 2018 – Long Tail SEO & Affiliates Greg Jeffries, ChicCartel Olga Gomonova and Imaginormous Challenge Winner Sage Marie Spaeth

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Greg Jeffries – SEO Expert, SEM, SEO Consultant and Marketing for Small and Local Businesses

Greg Jeffries is a designer, entrepreneur, and internet marketer. He is passionate about online marketing and his top strengths include creating strategies and organizing information and complex workflows into a simple process, search engine optimization, and developing the various design and creative solutions. Greg is obsessive when it comes to finding and knowing the best tools and resources to accomplish a specific task so he can create the most simple and efficient processes that can easily be delegated and help himself or whomever he’s working for scale and accomplish is the most in the least amount of time. Greg is just a regular guy, who never made more than 20k a year before taxes. He spent years working nights and weekends, spending tens of thousands of dollars learning about online marketing. At first, he failed a lot but he didn’t give up. He kept learning and trying and tweaking his methods until last year when he had a major breakthrough. Last year, Greg pulled in 6 figures purely through affiliate commissions from his knowhow on SEO marketing. Now he is ready to share his tips and techniques with your audience to help them achieve the same success.
Greg Jeffries

Olga Gomonova – Co-Founder at ChicCartel

Olga Gomonova and Victoria Nelson, co-founders of ChicCartel.com, an e-commerce website that markets and sells sustainable fashion to female consumers could also make great guests. They launched the company last year and are currently running a Kickstarter program to help launch a sustainable swimwear designer.  Worked at Microsoft and McKinsey. ChicCartel is a company that finds itself at the intersection of fashion and social activism. Our corporate philosophy has three pillars: female empowerment, environmentalism and ethics. We work exclusively with women-owned brands, we support sustainable fashion and we also throw our weight behind ethical causes such as body positive image movement. ChicCartel was founded in 2016 by Victoria, a body-positive image activist and a fashion photographer, and Olga, a business woman and a self-described political junkie. The founders wanted to create a new type of fashion company that would reflect the changing identity of a modern woman.
Olga GomonovaOlga Gomonova

Sage Marie Spaeth – Imaginormous Challenge Winner

The Roald Dahl Story Company, Penguin Young Readers, and Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, in conjunction with Langley Park Productions and Neal Street Productions, kicked off Roald Dahl’s IMAGINORMOUS CHALLENGE starring Willy Wonka himself. This imagination contest asks kids and their teachers not to imagine small, but to IMAGINORMOUS as Willy Wonka embarks on a new hunt for inventive story ideas from smart, imaginative and creative children from across the United States. Five new Golden Ticket Winners must be found and will be rewarded beyond their wildest imaginations. Sage Spaeth was one winner and is a 3rd grader at the Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ where she sings in the chorus and plays violin. She is an avid reader and writer, and she also enjoys creating games on Hopscotch and making YouTube videos with her younger brother, Max. “Sage World” is a magical place where all the different versions of Sage live. Only one Sage at a time can be in the real world, so whenever one wants to visit, they trade places with each other. Each Sage has a special skill and they trade places when she needs them.

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