April 26, 2021 – Chesapeake Bay Candle Mei Xu and IOOGO Tax Platform Josh Alballero

April 26, 2021 – Chesapeake Bay Candle Mei Xu and IOOGO Tax Platform Josh Alballero

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Mei Xu – Author and CEO of Yes She May, Chesapeake Bay Candle and BlissLiving Home

If you take that leap forward, if you trust yourself, or just
give yourself that push, you will be rewarded! 

Mei Xu a Chinese American entrepreneur, author and founder and CEO of three global companies, Yes She May, BlissLiving Home® and Chesapeake Bay Candle®. She successfully negotiated the sale of Chesapeake Bay Candle to Newell Brands in 2017, a conglomerate with a $14 billion portfolio of consumer goods. Mei is now focused on helping women-owned consumer product companies grow and prosper with e-commerce platform, Yes She May. In March 2021, Mei will also launch her memoir, “Burn” that details her inspiring journey from coming to the United States as an immigrant to founding her own multi-million-dollar business. In June 2020, Mei created Yes She May to help women-owned brands survive and thrive. Her team aims to provide consumers a choice to shop from talented and thoughtful women vendors from around the world! Mei hopes to turn consumers into supporters and use their purses to show who they really care about In addition to fostering women’s entrepreneurship, She also actively participates in impact investing and is a member of the Investment Committee of Halcyon Fund in Washington, DC and serves as a trustee of the University of Maryland Baltimore. Her business achievements have repeatedly been recognized by prominent organizations, such as Politico’s 2019 Woman of Impact Award; Smart CEO with the Brava Award; and the Asian American Chamber of Commerce with the Business Leader of the Year Award. She even advised President Barack Obama on the topic of job creation. In her book Burn: How Grit, Innovation, and a Dash of Luck Ignited a Multi-Million Dollar Success Story, Mei tells her story of ingenuity, determination, and luck. Spanning three decades, from 1991 when she arrived at Washington’s Dulles Airport, to today, her story is one of stunning success.

Josh Alballero – Founder at IOOGO

You are going to be in the situation of either ‘I go do sales and
bring home revenue’ or ‘sit down for 2 hours and do accounting.’
You are better off doing sales! 

Josh Alballero is a serial entrepreneur, a CPA, and Startup Financial Mentor & Expert. He has been able to leverage technology to provide small businesses with significantly more guidance from a CPA, without the business needing to incur more cost. Over two decades ago Josh Alballero, co-founded his tax and accounting business with the little guys in mind, working alongside small businesses and entrepreneurs preparing taxes and providing accounting services. In 2017, Josh found IOOGO, a customized software company that makes tax filing and accounting duties simpler. By creating an extremely efficient accounting software that allows clients to connect to their current systems, like Quickbooks, the CPAs at IOOGO are able to spend less of their time crunching numbers and more time interacting with customers.