June 14, 2021 – Cash Uncomplicated Aaron Nannini and Breaking the Bullying Circle Ron Shuali

June 14, 2021 – Cash Uncomplicated Aaron Nannini and Breaking the Bullying Circle Ron Shuali

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Aaron Nannini – Founder of Cash Uncomplicated

Make sure every dollar you spend has a definite purpose.

Aaron Nannini is the founder of Cash Uncomplicated, a personal finance website. As an everyday person with an average salary, Aaron achieved financial success through implementing basic and uncomplicated principles such as life goals, daily habits, intentional money decisions, and a value-based spending mindset. After struggling with money in his twenties and sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck, Aaron started educating himself on personal finance. Through years of intense study and practice, he went from barely getting by each month to complete financial clarity and harmony—all in less than five years. He wants to pass that knowledge to you and believes that anyone can achieve financial freedom without sacrificing their lifestyle or happiness. In addition to his work in personal finance, Aaron is an educator and real estate investor. He lives in San Diego, California. When not writing about personal finance, Aaron loves spending time with his wife, two daughters, and German Shepherd. An avid traveler, he has been to all 50 states and has visited many countries throughout Europe, Africa, and North America.

Ron Shuali – Keynote Speaker & Founder of Yogarate

Sit down with your child and say, “Talk to me.” Two things you
say to your kids, “I love you and how can I support you?” 

Ron Shuali, M.Ed has spent over 15 years working and presenting in the education marketplace. He is a best selling author of his award winning book “Breaking the Bullying Circle” and the book based on his successful behavior management system “Building the 21st Century Child”, top motivational speaker and presenter with expertise in the preschool through middle school arena. Ron presents keynote addresses, continuing professional development workshops and school assemblies in schools and conferences nationally and locally. His ability to awaken the minds of students and schools expands into the corporate world as well. Currently, Ron and his team teach Yogarate in over 50 schools within the tri-state area including the true future leaders of the planet at the preschool at the United Nations. His vast knowledge of the inner working of the mind led to the creation of some of the most revolutionary, forward- thinking, and award-winning programs in existence today. His ability to quickly engage his audiences with true life stories, while simultaneously introducing techniques and concepts, is exceptionally effective. His audiences learn through laughter and always walk away excited about the techniques that Ron shares.