May 9, 2016 – Creating Business Credit Ty Crandall & Franchise Builder Rosalie Guillem

May 9, 2016 – Creating Business Credit Ty Crandall & Franchise Builder Rosalie Guillem

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Ty Crandall – Business Credit Expert and Author of Business Credit Decoded: Discover the Secrets And Power of Business Credit

Ty L Crandall with his company Credit Suite has spent over 12 years helping clients obtain and rebuild excellent personal and business credit profiles. He has analyzed over 10,000 credit reports, giving him extensive knowledge of credit trending. Ty has also helped thousands of clients obtain business credit and funding without a personal guarantee. Ty is a certified expert on consumer credit laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Transaction Act. With his knowledge and experience he has managed to successfully build and sell a profitable credit improvement business, and helped hundreds of others learn how to do the same. He also donates his time to mentoring other credit industry professionals, always focusing on expanding the reach of consumer credit protection and business credit growth.
Ty Crandall Ty Crandall

Rosalie Guillem – Founder of Le Macaron French Pastries

Rosalie Guillem is the founder of Le Macaron French Pastries, a french pastry franchise based in Florida. They have nearly 40 locations across the nation. She moved from France, where she was also an entrepreneur, and moved here with her daughter about a decade ago. They launched a french pastry business out of Sarasota, Florida, and have helped dozens of other folks start a business since franchising several years ago. Her dream is to share delectable French macarons with the world. She knew that with a little consumer education, and by treating the American palate to true French macarons made from only the finest ingredients, they could bring a true taste and texture sensation to the marketplace as a pastry franchisor.
Rosalie Guillem

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