October 5, 2109 – Business Audio Theatre Bonnie Harvey and SQRL.me Om Suthar

October 5, 2109 – Business Audio Theatre Bonnie Harvey and SQRL.me Om Suthar

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Bonnie Harvey – Barefoot Wine Co-Founder – NYT’s Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of Business Audio Theater

People learn from stories more than from a list! They learn from
hearing stories and figure out in their own mind what the lesson is. 

Bonnie Harvey founded Barefoot Wine with Michael Houlihan in their laundry room. She was Vice President and “The Original Foot” for 19 years. There she had a wide variety of duties, doing whatever was necessary to operate the business. While Michael’s role was “big picture visionary,” Bonnie translated his ideas into workable processes and displayed a genius for managing the millions of details that come with a start-up. She proved to possess a rare combination of creativity and business savvy that served Barefoot well.Along with Michael, Bonnie donates professional time to non-profits to help them improve their image, increase donations and achieve financial sustainability. She also coauthors weekly business blogs at <href=”http: www.thebrandauthority.net=”” “=””>www.thebrandauthority.net with him, and they consult together with several clients. Bonnie is an inspired speaker and speaks at conventions, corporations, national conferences and schools of entrepreneurship. Bonnie is the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Entrepreneur Speaker Award from the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bradley University, and keynote speaker at the World Conference on Entrepreneurship in Dublin. Bonnie is the Co-author of The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand, a New York Times Bestselling Business Book. Their latest project was transforming Bonnie’s book into a Business Audio Theatre. In it, instead of a narrator just reading a business book to you, now you’ll hear a “full color, audio cinematography” of scenes performed by real Hollywood actors with music sound effects and more!

Om Suthar – Founder of SQRL

Its not enough to build an app. You have to get the app into
people’s hands, minds and hearts.   

Om Suthar is a product designer by trade, and an amateur bowler by passion. With a unique lens into what it takes a solution from end to end, Om leveraged this experience as he began working on app development in 2010. Om has stretched his former work experience beyond design skills to build a tight synergy between product design and tech teams when he launched SQRL. Through Om’s time spent in the 9-5 work force, he noticed inconsistencies between employer, employee and healthcare benefits. These inconsistencies inspired him to found SQRL, a reaction to the current state of corporate wellness programs. Om wants to disrupt the industry with SQRL because he believes that employees should have access to products and education as a part of their overall strategy. SQRL is a wellness and wealth creation platform that allows employers to advocate for the physical and financial wellness for their employees. SQRL strives and inspire people to take their physical and financial health into their own hands.