February 23, 2024 – Book Coach Coach An Ly-Tampere and Health Entrepreneur Dustin Baker

February 23, 2024 – Book Coach Coach An Ly-Tampere and Health Entrepreneur Dustin Baker

An Ly-Tampere – Book Coach Coach

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You don’t get clients in one day just by putting out a Facebook
post and hoping that the social media gods make it go viral.
You have to do it every single day!

An Ly-Tampere

An Ly-Tampere is a business mentor specializing in supporting book coaches. Her journey began with the birth of her child, leading her from a challenging start to a balanced life with family and reading time. With a background as a writer and a decade in business consultancy, she offers customized solutions. An Ly-Tampere’s journey into entrepreneurship was sparked by the arrival of her child, propelling her into the unfamiliar realm of starting a business. Despite encountering numerous hurdles, setbacks, and a plethora of mistakes along the way, she has found herself immersed in a life enriched with ample quality time for her family, maintaining a manageable 20-hour workweek, and indulging in a reading habit that could rival that of a librarian. This lifestyle choice, one she fervently wishes everyone could experience, has become her passion, extending an invitation to writing coaches with aspirations beyond the daily grind to join her in making the same empowering decision. An Ly-Tampere possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by writing coaches and the authors they support, drawing from her multifaceted background as a writer who has undergone coaching herself, a trained coach in both business and book coaching, and a seasoned business owner of seven years. In addition to her literary pursuits, she brings a decade of experience as a business consultant in the public and private sectors, fostering a creative mindset that allows her to tailor solutions to each individual she coaches. Beyond her professional endeavors, An Ly-Tampere embraces various roles in her personal life – a mother, a wife, a writer, and a creative enthusiast with a penchant for projects like embroidering playmats and pursuing her passion for cross-stitching through her debut novel. Her innate ability to connect with others, coupled with her passion for Latin dance and appreciation for Earl Grey tea, reflect the diverse tapestry of her interests and experiences. Currently residing in Singapore with her husband and toddler, what was initially intended as a temporary stay has evolved into their permanent home..

Dustin Baker – Health Entrepreneur and Founder of Bio Protein Tech 

My passion is not giving people the ability to live to 200. I look at it
the other way. I want to give people back the lives they used to have.
I want them to feel great about themselves. I want them to be happy
when they look in the mirror.

Dustin Baker

Dustin Baker is a visionary entrepreneur at the forefront of health and fitness innovation. With over a decade of experience in the industry, his passion for optimizing human health led him to acquire BioProtein Technology and transform it into a pioneering company that’s reshaping the landscape of natural wellness. With extensive experience collaborating closely with elite professional athletes, esteemed physicians, and international private security and military personnel, Dustin’s passion revolves around optimizing both physiological and cognitive potential. His relentless pursuit of pioneering alternatives to synthetic drugs led to the creation of a breakthrough alternative to Rx HGH and peptide treatments which has revolutionized the industry by offering safe and effective non-synthetic alternatives to prescription anti-aging hormone treatments that’s helping to enhance the lives of countless individuals seeking a faster, easier, and safer approach to vitality and longevity. Throughout his career, Dustin’s mission has remained steadfast: to empower individuals to achieve peak performance and well-being without compromising safety. His collaboration with industry leaders and his profound understanding of human physiology have shaped BioPro+ into an unparalleled beacon of innovation.