January 11, 2019 – BINGE Networks Bonnie Bruderer, Work Life Balance James Sudakow and Diabetes Solutions Tina Moen/Dr. Robert Vigersky

January 11, 2019 – BINGE Networks Bonnie Bruderer, Work Life Balance James Sudakow and Diabetes Solutions Tina Moen/Dr. Robert Vigersky

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Bonnie Bruderer – Founder of BINGE Networks

Only 29% of people are podcast listeners. So there is a whole other world of digital consumers that will consume your content.

Bonnie Bruderer is the executive producer for multiple multi-platform television shows that air on 50 media outlets globally. Bonnie has created an incredible platform for authors, coaches, speakers, inventors, innovators and anyone with a voice or cause to be able to afford main-stream television advertising. Binge turns your AUDIO & VIDEO content into your own SMART TV Channel! Bonnie is a certified Corporate Performance Coach with over 15 years of global successes in improving competitive market positioning, building new markets, enhancing confidence and driving revenue growth.

James Sudakow – Founder & Principal at CH Consulting and Author of Out of the Blur: A Delirious Dad’s Search for the Holy Grail of Work-Life Balance

James Sudakow is a creative-thinking business leader and irreverent author offering strategies, insights and a unique perspective on navigating the corporate gauntlet. He is the author of new book, “Out of The Blur: A Delirious Dad’s Search for the Holy Grail of Work-Life Balance” which tells his story of building and running a small business while raising a family. In this humorous, genuine and practical guide, James helps readers figure out how to define what they want their work-life balance to look like while identifying and solving the traps and habits many fall into that get in the way of truly reaching balance. His business insights have been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Forbes.com, Fast Company Online, Mic., The Business Journals, LifeHacker, Bustle, SiriusXM, Psychology Today and more. James is also a contributing columnist to Inc.com and he serves as the principal of CH Consulting, Inc., a boutique management and organizational effectiveness consulting practice he founded in 2010. He specializes in helping companies manage organizational transformation, create talent management strategies and programs that maximize employee capabilities and improve business performance.

Tina Moen and Dr. Robert Vigersky – Sugar.IQ App 

Tina Moen is IBM’s Deputy Chief Health Officer. Dr. Robert Vigersky is a nationally-recognized diabetes expert, Medtronic’s Senior Medical Affairs Director, and a Professor of Medicine. They are with us to discuss how science, technology and the use of AI can now offer powerful information to help diabetes patients understand their daily glucose patterns and identify activities affecting them — for a clearer picture of their diabetes. The two companies have teamed up to create Sugar.IQ, a first-of-its-kind intelligent app designed to simplify and improve daily diabetes management. The Sugar.IQ app helps to analyze an individual’s glucose, insulin, food, daily routines, and other factors to provide a better understanding of how lifestyle choices impact diabetes management. The app uses machine learning to identify behaviors specific to high and low glucose events and delivers personalized insights in real time.

VIGERSKY, M.D. – Senior Medical Affairs Director, Medtronic, and Professor of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Robert A. Vigersky, M.D. is Senior Medical Director of Medtronic Diabetes and Professor of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.  He graduated as the Valedictorian from Boston University School of Medicine, did his Internal Medicine training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and completed a 3-year Fellowship in Endocrinology at the NIH.  He has had a distinguished career that has included Academia (at Walter Reed where he established the Diabetes Institute), Private Practice (where he was President of the Endocrine and Diabetes Group of Washington and Director of the Diabetes Treatment Center at Georgetown University Hospital and the Washington Hospital Center), and Industry (at Medtronic).  He has been an active participant in the Endocrine Society where established Clinical Practice Guideline program and served as President from 2009-2010 and the Diabetes Technology Society which gave him its Leadership Award in 2011.  Dr. Vigersky has published over 280 scholarly papers and abstracts focusing on the use of technology to improve outcomes of patients with diabetes.