July 19, 2017 – Big Book of HR Cornelia Gamlem & Hero Habits Michael Hahn

July 19, 2017 – Big Book of HR Cornelia Gamlem & Hero Habits Michael Hahn

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Cornelia Gamlem – President of GEMS Group ltd and Author of  The Big Book of HR, Revised and Updated Edition and The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook, Speaker, and HR expert

Cornelia Gamlem SPHR is President of the GEMS Group ltd., a management consulting firm that offers Human Resources solutions. She co-authored “The Big Book of HR” and “Roadmap to Success: 5 Steps to Putting Action Into Your Affirmative Action Plan.” She has held a number of leadership positions with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), including serving on its National Board of Directors and chairing its Workplace Diversity Committee, serving on the Global Forum Board of Directors and on the Workplace Diversity Panel. Her expertise provided her the opportunity to testify before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on three occasions.
Cornelia GamlemCornelia Gamlem

Michael Hahn – Cultural Transformation Expert, Motivational Speaker and Author of Hero Habits

Michael Hahn is an authority and international speaker on organizational culture, employee engagement, and personal mastery. He speaks to audiences across North America at conferences, sales kickoffs, and corporate events. Michael’s impact at Allstate Insurance and other high growth organizations has been attributed to his grassroots approach to engaging employees in the culture movement. His ACES model and his “Culture Change Handbook” have been featured in dozens of articles and publications for a variety of organizations and associations. In 2015, he won the Public Relations Society of America Award for Brand Management and Reputation for his leadership of the Allstate Ambassador culture movement. He has twenty-plus years of corporate experience in finance, strategy, biz development, HR, and corporate relations. Michael leverages his vast experience to provide culture consulting and executive coaching to senior leaders seeking to create their own Hero Culture.
Michael HahnMichael Hahn

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