May 30, 2016 – Inventor Warren Wilson & Whiteboard to Success Chris Haddon

May 30, 2016 – Inventor Warren Wilson & Whiteboard to Success Chris Haddon

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Warren Wilson – Inventor of BetterBlocks and Invention Educator 

Warren Wilson shares his story of how he went from facing bankruptcy, to having an idea in his back shed, to making it into a bestselling international product. This product was BetterBlocks, a children’s building block. Like so many products that we now take for granted, he invented BetterBlocks out of necessity. Warren needed to make money to get out of the dire financial situation he found himself in. Luckily to his surprise, BetterBlocks turned into a $45 million idea. Commercially-speaking it was his biggest success. In its prime, it gave Lego Corporation a bit of a headache. At first he didn’t know what to think: was he a smart cookie? A one-hit wonder? Or just failure who got lucky? Over the years he has seen many far better ideas than BetterBlocks fall by the wayside. The question is ‘Why did these inventors who had more money, better patents and better business plans than I fail to get their ideas off the ground?’ This question intrigued Warren so much that he spent the last 10 years researching why only 1 in 600 patents are ever successfully commercialized and why 99 out of 100 businesses fail in the first 5 years. And he tells you how to succeed!

Chris Haddon – Owner of Hard Money Bankers and Author of The Whiteboard: Go From Blank Canvas to a Productive, Leveraged & Highly-Profitable Business

Chris Haddon began his career in real estate finance with SunTrust Bank where he learned the business of lending, real estate, personal and commercial finance. This base of knowledge combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive business connections led him to found a real estate lending firm called Hard Money Bankers, LLC. Chris’ roles with Hard Money Bankers include partner, loan originator and underwriter. He realizes that every private money scenario is different and requires the expertise of an experienced investor. His goal with their borrower and broker partners is to be a valuable resource, available for advice on any type of transaction. His first book, The Whiteboard, describes not only a useful tool, but a powerful metaphor. This new “blank canvas” approach to business is changing how people and companies are executing and thriving in today’s world. In the book, co-author Jason Balin and Chris show you how you too can “whiteboard” your way to a productive and highly profitable business.

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