November 22, 2023 – Midwest VC Nathaniel Harding and Becoming More Dianna Kokoszka

November 22, 2023 – Midwest VC Nathaniel Harding and Becoming More Dianna Kokoszka

Nathaniel Harding – Managing Partner at Cortado Ventures

Nathaniel Harding

Nathaniel Harding is the CEO and Managing Partner at Cortado Ventures. Nathaniel is an expert in tech, innovation, and venture capital. A distinguished Kauffman Fellow, World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader, and Most Admired CEO, his $120M asset-managing venture capital firm showcases strategic brilliance. He can share how to discover the untapped potential and growth opportunities in overlooked sectors. His extensive experience as an entrepreneur, technologist, and visionary makes him a captivating guest for any podcast seeking insightful discussions. Nathaniel has been recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and celebrated as a Most Admired CEO in Oklahoma. Under his guidance, Cortado Ventures has grown to manage a substantial $120M in assets, a testament to his strategic acumen and ability to foster success. Nathaniel’s entrepreneurial prowess is accentuated by his involvement in a remarkable $120M sale of a midcontinent resource play, showcasing his adeptness in strategic planning, financial modeling, and harnessing the potential of expansive datasets. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nathaniel’s broad spectrum of experiences and unwavering community dedication underscore his commitment to effecting positive change. A former Air Force Captain and Afghanistan veteran, his devotion to service and collaborative efforts remains evident. Additionally, his global market prowess becomes evident through a successful Beijing-based joint venture with major Chinese entities, demonstrating his proficiency in international business landscapes.

Dianna Kokoszka – CEO of KW MAPS and Author of Becoming More: You Can’t Get to Better Until You Get to Different 

Dianna Kokoszka

Dianna Kokoszka is an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author and Mentor. As an award-winning business leader, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the business world, developing many leaders during her longevity. Dedicating 13 years as CEO of KW MAPS Coaching and Training at Keller Williams Realty International, she played a pivotal role in propelling the company to become the largest and most profitable coaching enterprise in the real estate industry! As innovator, creator and author of the KW BOLD Experience and Coaching Skills Camp she helped lead the company to be recognized as the number one training company in the world. She is a board member of Growing Leaders, a John Maxwell Leadership Foundation Organization and captures every opportunity to journey alongside EQUIP Leadership Inc. a non-profit dedicated to instilling values in individuals, transforming nations. Dianna is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of Certified Coaches, (IMC) and actively participating in the Strategic Coach training program. As a lifelong learner, she has followed and been mentored by John C. Maxwell since the mid-1990s. Her greatest passions revolve around developing leaders and encouraging individuals to recognize and harness their innate potential. Amongst her impressive achievements, Dianna’s most cherished titles are wife, mother, and grandmother. Her genuine concern for the welfare of others serves as the driving force behind all her endeavors, fueling her unwavering commitment to add value to others.