April 20, 2018 – BoxLock Brad Ruffkess, People First Deb Calvert and Multi-Tasking Scott Kimbro

April 20, 2018 – BoxLock Brad Ruffkess, People First Deb Calvert and Multi-Tasking Scott Kimbro

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Brad Ruffkess – Founder at BoxLock, Inc.

Brad Ruffkess is a high-energy leader with a proven ability to build brands and businesses. Brad is a result oriented, analytical thinker who brings vision, strategy, and execution expertise to drive growth. He is an influencer known for identifying and building meaningful partnerships that collaboratively create value and drive a business result in innovative ways. In the years 2012 – 2015, Brad was a global connection strategist working with Coca-Cola company’s various brands and markets around the world to help deliver liquid and linked connection strategies that have social at the heart. Today, Brad is solving the problem of stolen UPS and FedEx packages. He created BoxLock which allows delivery companies to lock your package away until you come home later.
Brad RuffkessBrad Ruffkess

Deb Calvert – President of People First Productivity Solutions and Author of Stop Selling and Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen

Deb Calvert is president of People First Productivity Solutions, works with companies to build organizational strength by putting people first. Her work in sales training, leadership development and team effectiveness is research-based and people-focused. One of the ways Deb personally “puts people first” is by providing free resources for individuals. She hosts the CONNECT! Online Radio Show for Selling Professionals, writes the CONNECT2Lead and CONNECT2Sell blogs, serves as an expert panelist for Managing Americans, and manages the CONNECT! Community. Deb’s background as a Director with a Fortune 500 company along with her diverse experience in Sales, Human Resources and Operations uniquely equips her to work across a variety of industries and functions.

Deb CalvertDeb Calvert

Scott Kimbro – Founder of ScottKimbroTeaches.com

Scott Kimbro loves to teach. His background is in financial management and accounting, as well as Network Marketing. Scott found himself being unfulfilled in the accounting and financial management positions he held over the years. It was not until he had some career tests – and spiritual gifts tests – that he discovered his knack for teaching. Once he found Network Marketing and learned the necessary skills, he thrived! He discovered that, by focusing on “teaching that matter to people who care”, he could help people create successful businesses of their own. Scott now consults with business owners – both home-based and corporate – to teach them how to teach others to live purposeful lives.

Scott Kimbro

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