April 12, 2019 – IPO Entrepreneur Don Lewis and Influencer Marketing Nechelle Vanias

April 12, 2019 – IPO Entrepreneur Don Lewis and Influencer Marketing Nechelle Vanias

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Don Lewis – IPO Entrepreneur and Author of The Book of Don: 693 Principles of Personal and Business Success

I love cash! My favorite thing to do with cash flow is to get
people to buy from you in advance for your products and services.

Don Lewis has set multiple age-related world records in motorcycle racing while forming and maintaining numerous successful businesses. He founded a company that returned 42 to 1 to investors over 18 years. Don was a principle and largest investor of a company that had a successful IPO offering on NASDAQ, and served as a corporate director of a publicly-held company. He is currently training 1 ½ hours daily for a 5-day, 1200-mile April race in Baja, Mexico. Regardless of the endeavor or arena, Don has managed to be successful. He shares his success secrets in The Book of Don—693 Principles of Personal and Business Success, his unique success bible, which provides readers with tools to significantly improve their personal and business productivity.

Nechelle Vanias – Chief Solutions Officer of Six Degrees of Influence

A lot of brands are doing 360 deals. They want to have an influencer speaking on multiple platforms and repurposing the content.

Nechelle Vanias is a Marketing Extraordinaire, Proven Entrepreneur, and the Chief Solutions Officer of Six Degrees of Influence. She is available to provide insight and priceless tips on social media growth, leveraging technology for sales growth, brand development and much more! Nechelle is a world-class marketer with 20+ years of experience in digital, branding, consumer engagement, media, sales and operations. She combines a coveted blend of corporate knowledge and entrepreneurial experiences with a proven track record of building brands and businesses. A strategic leader, she is gifted in crafting stories that engage and leverage technology, culture and customer experience to drive revenue and client acquisition. Her clients have included Microsoft, Uber, Google, Anheuser Bush-InBev, Showtime Networks and many more.