February 6, 2017 – App Store Optimization (ASO) Chino Lex & Catepillar Edge Sid Mohasseb

February 6, 2017 – App Store Optimization (ASO) Chino Lex & Catepillar Edge Sid Mohasseb

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Chino Lex – App Store Optimization Guru 

Chino Lex is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Mobile Growth Consultant. At 18, he dropped out of the University of Washington to start an app company, Select Apps. By night he built the company, while working as a carpet cleaner by day. With zero marketing spend and zero outside capital, the company published over 160 iOS apps and 30 Android apps with users across 155 countries worldwide. His world-class knowledge in App Store Optimization, better known as ASO, has resulted in a Top 1% ASO track record. Over 50 of his apps have hit Apple’s Top Charts and his Apps have totaled about 5 million users. The app portfolio was acquired in 2016. He has appeared in media publications like Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Inc Magazine, and the Huffington Post.
Chino Lex Chino Lex 

Sid Mohasseb – Strategic Innovation Leader, Venture Investor, Speaker and Author of The Caterpillar’s Edge: Evolve, Evolve Again, and Thrive in Business

At 21, Sid Mohasseb started and later sold his first company. At 25, he taught comparative Eastern and Western philosophy. At 27, he became the youngest partner in the history of The SGS Consulting Group. Since then, Sid has founded and led several early-stage and hyper-growth companies from inception to acquisition. He has also led company turnarounds — from near bankruptcy to profitability and has faced, accepted, and overcome his share of failures in ideas and ventures. Sid has served on the boards of over a dozen profit and non-profit companies — as observer, as director, and as chairman. He has mentored dozens of entrepreneurs, met with hundreds of start-up companies, and reviewed countless business plans and taught Strategy Management, Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, negotiation and Data Analytics to MBAs at University of Southern California (USC), Chapman University, and University of California in Irvine (UCI).

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