September 17, 2015 – Risk Loving Edward DuCoin & Alt Finance Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

September 17, 2015 – Risk Loving Edward DuCoin & Alt Finance Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

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Edward DuCoin – CEO of the Orpical Group, Author of The Glass is Half Full and Frozen and Race Car Driver

We enjoyed Ed DuCoin several months ago and wanted to have him back again. Edward has worked in the telecommunications, media, banking, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries. He is the author of “The Glass is Half Full and Frozen,” which argues that a positive mental attitude is good, but a sustainable business model and great leadership are needed too. Edward is an  Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and his companies were ranked as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the US multiple years. Also, he was listed as a Top 40 Under 40 Business Award (New Jersey Business Journal) winner. He won The Governor’s Cup of New Jersey, the Rising Stars: Fastest Growing Telemarketing Companies in the USA (Telemarketing Magazine), a Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies award (Philadelphia Business Journal), and the MVP Quality Award from Telemarketing Magazine.
Edward DuCoinEdward DuCoinEdward DuCoin

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson – Author of Spank The Bank, Speaker, and Alternative Financing Expert

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson is a Small Business Advocate, Alternative Financing Expert, and Author. She speaks on topics such as entrepreneurship, business, and financing. Karlene specializes in creative strategies for small businesses during growth or survival periods. Some of her specialties are Business Financing, Consulting, Business Planning, Start-ups, Small Business, and Business Development. With so many “Main Street” business owners severely affected by limited access to capital through traditional sources, they will not want to miss out on her great book, Spank the Bank. Due to the stagnation in the financing market, you must get creative if you want to survive and potentially be able to grow your enterprises. She also teaches college entrepreneurs and is very active in community activities.
Karlene Sinclair-RobinsonKarlene Sinclair-RobinsonKarlene Sinclair-Robinson

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