August 16, 2021 – Neurotech Alon Braun and Carrot and Stick Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD

August 16, 2021 – Neurotech Alon Braun and Carrot and Stick Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD

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Alon Braun – Founder of Neurotech Analytics and Riverbank Consulting

People go around thinking I can do everything, I’ll be a national
manager, I’ll be the CEO. I’ll be everything. They forget it is
about the teamwork.

Alon Braun in early life, he was an elite member of Israel’s cyber special forces unit while simultaneously the founder of a startup funded by Apple Israel. He then went on to become a marine biologist with a Master’s in Oceanography and published research on the cell biology of coral, with his research appearing in Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Alon then took a 3-year certification as a Feldenkreis body movement teacher, while working as an online marketing guru and business accelerator strategist, helping identify growth strategies using technology and data. As an entrepreneur, Alon is the founder of Neurotech Analytics and Riverbank Consulting. He has a passion for scaling enterprises and scientific innovations, especially in the deep tech industry. Articles by or about Alon have been featured in Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Thrive Global. His new book, The Entrepreneur Journey: 8 Steps from Inspiration to Global Impact, was released in April 2021. Besides Alon’s work in science and technology, his areas of expertise
include business growth strategies, agile methodologies development,
and decision-making consultation.

Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD – Author of Find Your Carrot: Stop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Self

You can’t on the one hand think ‘that there is nothing special about
you,’ but on the other hand ‘why am i not successful?’

Jacquelyn Berry is currently holding the title of Mrs. Dutchess County, Jacquelyn, a life-long overachiever, will be competing in July for the Mrs. New York title.  And along the way on her stratospheric rise to success, she has prioritized helping others succeed by helping them find their true purpose and achieve meaningful goals. Jacquelyn’s new book, FIND YOUR CARROT: Stop the Foolishness!  Get on with Your Authentic Self, presents a fresh take on the secret of success and offers eye-opening insights, motivational nuggets, and a practical, step-by-step action plan for living your dream and making the world a better place. “The price for taking up space on this planet is doing something only you were meant to do and helping others in the process” believes Dr. Berry, a cognitive scientist devoted to the study of expertise and a woman of multiple talents, including birding, golfing, and competing in beauty pageants. In her debut book, FIND YOUR CARROTStop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Selfwhich is currently a bestseller on Amazon, Berry presents a fresh take on the secret to success. Dream focused—that is, narrow your goals down to what you do best and what you truly want. As Berry stresses, being successful and fulfilled starts with finding your “carrot”—the thing that drives you, your “why.” Once you clearly define what makes you stand out and what makes you happy, then you can get busy building on that foundational rock to achieve something incredible and deeply rewarding. Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD, is a writer, cognitive scientist, and tech entrepreneur devoted to the study and practice of expertise. An advocate for augmented learning and a founding member of Artificial Intelligence for Africa, she has spoken before the United Nations. She recently traveled to Egypt as a Fulbright Scholar where, in addition to her research on human-computer interaction among Arabic-English bilinguals, she taught a class about achieving outstanding goals, which led her to write FIND YOUR CARROT. She is also an also an avid Tetris player, golfer, and birder, as well as a mother and beauty pageant competitor, currently holding the title of Mrs. Dutchess County, New York.