December 18, 2020 – Align the Dots Philippe Bouissou, Ph.D. and Healthcare Builder Tristan Bond

December 18, 2020 – Align the Dots Philippe Bouissou, Ph.D. and Healthcare Builder Tristan Bond

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Philippe Bouissou – Managing Partner at Blue Dots Partners

Define what is the pain I am solving? What is my claim? How am I
going to message my claim? What will customers understand
about my claim? How will I go to market? How am I goin to
sell? How happy will customer be?

Philippe Bouissou, Ph.D. has spent three decades in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, a CEO, a venture capitalist and a management consultant. He is Managing Partner at Blue Dots Partners LLC, a management consulting firm he co-founded, focused on top-line acceleration. He started his career as the Founder and CEO of G2i, Inc., a Unix software company that was acquired by Matra. Later, Philippe joined Apple as Director of the Worldwide Internet Commerce group, where he founded and managed the online Apple Store and grew its revenue from zero to $350 million. After Apple, Bouissou became a venture capitalist and successfully invested $43 million and generated double-digit cash-on-cash IRR. Philippe’s latest book, Aligning the Dots: The New Paradigm to Grow Any Business, is an Amazon Best Seller in Business and Amazon #1 New Release in Business. This Growth Playbook reveals the blueprint that will guide any business to align the dots to outperform its target market and fly past its competitors.

Tristan Bond – Founder and CEO at Practice Acceleration

On average, only 54% of leads actually convert.

Tristan Bond is a physiotherapist, seasoned healthcare business owner, consultant, and marketing specialist, who started his first physiotherapy practice at age 23. He went on to build and successfully sell multiple practices before dedicating his energy, passion, and knowledge to help healthcare practice owners across the globe. Bond is the CEO and Founder of Practice Acceleration, an allied health business coaching company that was recently named the largest coaching company worldwide in this space. His Done With You coaching program has helped more than 2,000 healthcare professionals with its well sought-after proprietary methods. The coaching program shows business owners how to create predictable, profitable, and scalable businesses utilizing his widely used Market.Rebook.Manage™ system. Tristan Bond is also the co-host of Practice Acceleration Podcast where he continues lifting the lid on the secrets behind rapid practice growth. In his book, The Practice Acceleration Method, Tristan tells the stories through case studies, how-to tips, and actionable steps that you can take to make your healthcare business and life all it can be.