January 26, 2015 – VC Tips w Scott Russell & Produk.me’s Ajay Bam

January 26, 2015 – VC Tips w Scott Russell & Produk.me’s Ajay Bam

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Ajay Bam – Co-founder and CEO at Produk.me

Ajay Bam is a serial entrepreneur with a history of successful global product management, marketing and technology executive leadership. He has more than 12 years of experience with startups and has worked with large corporations in digital commerce, retail, and financial services. Ajay has a track record of launching ventures and products in emerging markets, bringing forward inventions and product innovation, and helping companies develop strategies that lead to revenue growth. He co-founded, led, and directed “Modiv Media,” an award winning venture capital funded company which was acquired by Catalina Marketing. Find him on LinkedIn here.

Ajay Bam

Scott Russell – Founder & Managing Director at eCarnegieTech

Scott Russell is the founder and managing director at eCarnegieTech, to formally mentor, incubate, co-found and invest in Carnegie Mellon University prompted startups. He has more than 30 years of private equity, technology operating and international experience, largely with Softbank. In 2002 Scott helped to found Carnegie-Mellon University’s Silicon Valley campus where PhD and Master Degrees are offered in software engineering. As an adjunct professor he has been mentoring software engineers for years, helping them to commercialize their intellectual property. Scott is also a member of CMU’s School of Computer Science Dean’s Advisory Board, as well as an advisor to the Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship at the Tepper Business School.

Scott Russell

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