December 22, 2023 – IBM AI Pushing Sustainability Oday Abbosh and #1 RE Agent in NYC Ilan Bracha

December 22, 2023 – IBM AI Pushing Sustainability Oday Abbosh and #1 RE Agent in NYC Ilan Bracha

Oday Abbosh- Global Sustainability Leader at IBM

At IBM, we say that people will leverage AI to do a better job, rather than
it being the other way around. We always believe there needs to be some
level of human oversight.

With any super powerful technology like AI, having some framework, having
some sensible guardrails is clearly the smart thing to do.

Oday Abbosh

Oday joined IBM Consulting as the Global Sustainability leader in August 2023, bringing extensive experience in scaling businesses and a background in management consulting. Before joining IBM, Oday was the Founder & CEO of Better All Round (BAR), a B-Corp certified, innovative, ESG-focused diversified fiber-based business. Under his leadership, BAR launched the Ora Household Towel, a revolutionary product developed from initial concept to market within a year. Before launching BAR, Oday worked for over 20 years as a management consultant, starting his career at KPMG before moving to Accenture, where he held various leadership roles. At Accenture, Oday served as Global Head of Media & Entertainment, Global Head of Business Consulting for Communications, Media, and high Tech, and Global Go-to-Market Lead of Accenture’s Analytics business. Throughout his career, Oday has built strong teams and alliances while serving clients worldwide. In addition to his professional achievements, Oday has served as an advisor to several innovative start-ups and as a founding mentor for Henkel X.

Ilan Bracha – Founder and CEO at IB Global

There is a supply and demand issue with Israeli real estate. There is huge
demand. With the war it stopped, but then people from around the world
have been buying properties. They are trying to support Israel in a way.

Ilan Bracha

CEO and Founder Ilan Bracha is the founder of IB Global and The Bracha Team, a real estate brokerage advisory team in NYC. Long considered a mega broker in the Manhattan luxury real estate market, Ilan has done nearly $10 billion in sales and has established an impressive global network of clients with asset portfolios valued at more than $100 billion. He has been named the #1 broker in New York—and the #2 in the nation overall—by The Wall Street Journal. Ilan has appeared on numerous TV networks such as CNBC, has been quoted widely in the media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Real Deal, former board of director for REBNY, and is a frequent presenter and consultant to major institutions in both NYC and Israel. With over 25 years of experience, IB Global Residential Real Estate Funds specializes in investment opportunities within the residential real estate sector. We leverage our extensive network and expertise to identify and capitalize on high-yielding residential properties. Our funds provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of high-quality residential assets, delivering attractive returns and long-term growth.