September 4, 2015 – Buyer Personas w Adele Revella & Venture and Vultures Chapter 5

September 4, 2015 – Buyer Personas w Adele Revella & Venture and Vultures Chapter 5

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Adele Revella – CEO of Buyer Persona Institute and Author of Buyer Personas 

For the past 20 years, Adele Revella has been focused on a single goal: building marketing teams that the company’s executives can trust to guide and execute competitive business strategies. She divided her career almost equally between roles as a marketing executive and seminar leader/author. She is an author of the “5 Rings of Buying Insight,” the buyer persona framework that is the industry standard for B2B and B2C buyers of medium-to-high consideration products, services and solutions. Her unique methodology allows marketers to understand how, when and why buyers make the choices they want to influence. This differs dramatically from many approaches to buyer personas that simply describe the person. Her services include buyer persona studies for clients who want to outsource this research, training for marketers who choose to conduct their own interviews, and hands-on workshops to ensure that her clients use their buyer personas to achieve effective messaging, content marketing, and sales alignment.
Adele RevellaAdele RevellaAdele Revella

This show features the next episode of our entrepreneurial serial podcast! The story is called “Venture and Vultures: An Entrepreneurial Thriller.” Here is Chapter Five. Hope you enjoy! 

A Review of Past Episodes…..

Prologue – “Boys, Do You Understood How a Loan Works?”
Chapter One – “The Name of the Game Is Guts”
Chapter Two – “You Don’t Have a Clue”
Chapter Three – “So, What Are the Next Steps?”
Chapter Four – “Its Like a Vacuum in There!”

and now…. Chapter Five – “Can We Break Even?”

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