November 5, 2015 – Interviewing Guru Eric Kramer & I Like God Jeff Yager

November 5, 2015 – Interviewing Guru Eric Kramer & I Like God Jeff Yager

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Eric Kramer – Career Expert and Managing Partner at InterviewBest, LLC  

Eric Kramer was so interesting 3 months ago, that we asked him back! He is a career expert and the managing partner at InterviewBest. His vision is that everyone have a job they love and earn the money they deserve. Eric’s mission is to develop innovative strategies that help people create career visions and land jobs. With extensive experience in counseling, career development and job transition coaching, he brings energy and passion to career strategy development, job transition tools development, and service delivery. His background in diverse corporate positions, as well as psychological counseling, contributes to extensive knowledge of corporate structures and career management issues. Eric also has demonstrated success developing innovative job search programs and writing books for the career field. Some of his most notable achievements include creating Active Interviewing – a new proactive approach to job interviews, developing a unique new tool for job interviewing and authoring 101 Strategies for Successful Interviewing and 101 Successful Strategies for Networking.
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Jeff Yager – Author of the social media novel I Like God: A Novel

Jeff Yager has written two fiction novels. His first novel was the sci-fi thriller “Atom and Eve.”  “I Like God,” coauthored with Skye Bynes, is his second novel. It tells the story of goof, slacker Joey Taylor. Joey starts a public page for God on “FaceSpace,” forgets about it, and retires from social media. Awhile later, he returns to the God page to find that it has over 30 million followers. When Joey discovers the power that comes with this incredible online audience, the former pizza delivery guy develops a God complex of his own. He decides to use the dark side of social media. Joey has a chip on his shoulder and it costs him friends, opportunities and a girlfriend. When the girlfriend deserts him, he destroys her company and career through FaceSpace. (Who would deal with a  company that God bad-mouths!?) Its a great tale of the power and influence of social media. Jeff studied professional wrestling in New Jersey and Florida and now wrestles professionally. He writes and performs rap music and is the former manager of a fast food restaurant. “I Like God” will motivate readers to ask themselves what they are doing with their own social media power…and prompt them to find out if the folks they are following are really who they say they are.
I Like God Jeff Yager

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