July 9, 2021 – Abundance Esra Ogut and Money Energy Margaret Donahue & Madeline Gerwick

July 9, 2021 – Abundance Esra Ogut and Money Energy Margaret Donahue & Madeline Gerwick

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Esra Ogut – Author of Money Does Grow on Trees: The Myths We Create and Live By

Realize that nothing is happening coincidentally, if we are having
an experience that we don’t enjoy, you know instead of feeling like
a victim which does not get us to the solution, I think it is very
important to approach it as a gift.

Esra Banguoglu Ogut is part of the next generation of new thought leaders standing on the shoulders of Law of Attraction and manifestation experts. Her unique approach to manifesting abundance and dismantling our self-imposed limitations travels to the core of who we are and why we make the choices we do. As a transformational coach and yoga teacher, Esra B. Ogut has helped people worldwide discover their power to live the life they choose. Today, she helps people transform their lives to experience their own spiritual and financial abundance through one-on-one coaching and workshops. Individuals, celebrities and corporations have all sought her services and mentorship. Along with her husband and business partner, author and transformational coach Aykut “Ike” Ogut, Esra pioneered transformational coaching in Turkey and co-created a sought- after coaching certification program.

Margaret Donahue and Madeline Gerwick – Authors of Money is an Energy Game

We recommend having three times as many positive thoughts
or positive experiences than negative or negative ones. This is
about never having a negative thought again. 

Margaret Donahue is a highly skilled business and personal consultant, teacher, and coach specializing in feng shui, clearing energies and blockages, and refocusing clients to live authentic, prosperous lives using easy and practical tools. Through many types of training, and her numerous years in business leadership, she mastered the art of energy and its impact on personal and business success. Throughout her life and career Peg has demonstrated a unique ability to help individuals and teams achieve success. This includes a highly successful twenty-one-year career (including seven years as a vice president and general manager) with one of the leading database marketing firms in the country. Working with large nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries, Peg was often tasked with turning the most challenging teams and circumstances around. She used the same tools then as she does today.

Madeline Gerwick is an internationally recognized, certified astrologer, specializing in business and economic astrology. Her background includes a BA degree with honors in economics, and over 15 years of industrial sales and marketing experience with both small businesses and corporations. She’s listed in several Who’s Who books, including Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. She has over 30 years of experience in astrology. Her unique combination of credentials makes her an in-demand speaker regarding economic conditions and business trends. Hundreds of new companies have used her highly successful dates and times to start, ensuring high growth and strong finances. She has also provided many good dates and times for contract signings, product introductions, new hires, facility changes, legal actions, web site launches, and many other important business and personal activities.