September 5, 2020 – Accenture 5G Jefferson Wang, Ancestry Dr. Ron Park, BOA April Schneider and Perry School Dawn Stewart

September 5, 2020 – Accenture 5G Jefferson Wang, Ancestry Dr. Ron Park, BOA April Schneider and Perry School Dawn Stewart

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Jefferson Wang – Global 5G Offering Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Advisory at Accenture

Jefferson Wang is the Global 5G Offering Co-Lead and Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Advisory at Accenture. For nearly two decades, he has focused on the wireless industry, working with network operators, device manufacturers, technology platform providers, content developers and start-ups through the end-to-end product development lifecycle. Jefferson also leads Accenture’s 5G global initiatives for the post-smartphone era, developing strategies and use cases to monetize 5G deployments. Jefferson built businesses on his belief that success comes from big picture thinking mixed with detail-oriented execution. Prior to Accenture, he helped lead a communications convergence start-up to a successful exit. The Future Home in the 5G Era: Next Generation Strategies and Business Models for Hyper-Connected Living from Accenture industry experts Jefferson Wang and Boris Maurer details what it will take to make the Future Home a reality.

Dr. Ron Park, MD – Executive Vice President of Health and DNA at Ancestry®

Ron Park, MD joined Ancestry as EVP of Health and DNA in April 2020 to lead Ancestry’s efforts to advance personalized, preventative health through actionable insights and help people achieve better health outcomes. A physician-business leader with a broad range of clinical and business experiences, Dr. Park, who received his medical degree from Stanford University, began his career as a physician at UCLA and, later, at Kaiser Permanente. Prior to Ancestry, Ron was the co-lead of Roche/Genentech’s global personalized healthcare center of excellence, where he was instrumental in efforts to accelerate the use of genomics, real-world data, and digital health to enhance efforts to develop and deliver medicines to benefit patients with serious diseases. During this time, Ron worked across multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, respiratory, immunology, and ophthalmology. Before Roche/Genentech, Ron worked in McKinsey and Company’s healthcare practice in Silicon Valley developing growth strategies for biotech and medical device clients.

April Schneider – Head of Consumer and Small Business Products at Bank of America

April Schneider is the Head of Consumer and Small Business Products at Bank of America. In this role, she’s responsible for end-to-end product development, product and portfolio management, rate and fee setting, offers, customer experience and marketing and sales channel integration. Schneider has worked in the consumer products space for more than 20 years. Her team is responsible for delivering the products and services that help Bank of America’s 66 million consumer and 3.5 million small business clients meet their financial goals. They are responsible for growing Bank of America’s $700 billion in consumer and small business deposits and $95 billion in outstanding credit card balances. She currently leads the advisory board for BAI Research, is on Bank of America’s Women’s Leadership Council, and is co-sponsor of the Charlotte chapter of the Inter-Generational Network (IGEN).

Dawn Stewart – Founder/Director of Perry School and Think Tank

Dawn Stewart is the Founder/Director of Perry School. She started Perry School in the West Village neighborhood of NYC in 2001. She has been at the forefront of early childhood education for 20 years. The Perry School provides educational programs for children from ages 2 to 5 years. In these programs, kids learn art, science and math through large and small group activities, storytelling, art projects, field trips, skits and movement.  Dawn Lesley Stewart is the creator and founder of all the programs including Baby Moves, Perry School, NYC Kids Camps and Teach Kids to Give. Dawn is thrilled to have the opportunity to impact more lives through the online Think Tank program. Think Tank provides high quality academic programming in which children thrive and it helps instill the joy of learning for a lifetime. Using a child centered approach, the Think Tank program customizes the curriculum for each child in a small group setting.