November 27, 2020 – Governor David Paterson, Product Mindset Elizabeth Ferrao and Covid Safe Sharon Hong

November 27, 2020 – Governor David Paterson, Product Mindset Elizabeth Ferrao and Covid Safe Sharon Hong

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Governor David Paterson – Former Governor of New York and Author of Black, Blind, & In Charge: A Story of Visionary Leadership and Overcoming Adversity  

David Paterson was a state senator, lieutenant governor, and unexpectedly governor of New York. Paterson was the first and only blind governor (other than a man who held the title for eleven days in 1975) and the fourth person of African descent to hold the office of governor in American history. He may also be the only governor in history to have been arrested outside the governor’s office prior to his service. Since leaving office, the former governor has flourished as a talk show host, Chair of the NY State Democratic Party, and now Senior Vice President & Special Advisor to the President of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Elizabeth Ferrao – Founder of Product Mindset

Elizabeth Ferrao is the founder and Chief Conversion Officer for Product Mindset, Product teacher at General Assembly, and Global Ambassador for Women Who Code. She was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Civic Hall, Head of Product for API management platform XapiX, and in Product at American Express. Elizabeth is passionate about first time UX and onboarding, and has consulted with dozens of startups and enterprises on their onboarding practices. In her free time, she films “First Time UX” reviews have been viewed 10k+ times.

Sharon Hong – Vice President of Enterprise Technology, Motorola Solutions

Technology providers such as Motorola Solutions have developed video security and analytics solutions that support occupancy counting to prevent overcrowding, adherence to face mask and social distancing policies and elevated body temperature detection to keep people safer as they leave their homes. Sharon Hong is a recognized industry expert at Motorola Solutions, which has been keeping public safety agencies, communities and businesses safe for over 90 years. In an environment which has threatened safety on a global scale, Sharon is leading a team to innovate new technologies to help respond to and manage the threats to our safety created by COVID-19. She has been instrumental in the development of solutions that combine critical communications, video security, data and analytics to help businesses detect and respond to threats.