February 24, 2014 – HIT eCigs Lenny Di Bari & Brainstorming Killer Jeffrey Baumgartner

February 24, 2014 – HIT eCigs Lenny Di Bari & Brainstorming Killer Jeffrey Baumgartner

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Lenny Di Bari – Owner of HIT eCigs – Highlight Here

Lenny Di Bari thought the idea of an electric cigarette was crazy and had no interest in the business when presented to him.  But when forced to study it, he realized it could be great. Especially at getting people off cigarettes. To him, the health benefits are the greatest reason to do this business. Lenny’s products are tobacco free, but when you inhale, an “ejuice” with one of several flavorings and nicotine is heated, creating water vapor. You can decrease the nicotine levels to zero over time, and they offer several strengths designed to help you quit. Lenny is helping others and making money, love it!


Jeffrey Baumgartner – Creativity Leader & Speaker – Highlight Here

Jeffrey Baumgartner believes brainstorming is broken, and the data supports him! A tool that we have all used for 60 years has been proven to be ineffective, and Jeffrey is with us to present the evidence behind the claim, and more importantly to show other, better tools! He speaks on creativity and innovation around the world. Jeffrey is working on Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) and Cosmic Creativity, two new approaches to creative thinking. Recently, he has spoken in the USA, UK, Belgium, Poland, China, Dubai, India, and Saudi Arabia. Jeffrey also writes fiction (creative, get it?) and his latest book is The Insane Journey, a science fiction humor novel.

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