Gifts from Guests

Gifts from Guests


From time to time, our guests offer gifts, discounts, or promotions.
We know its hard to write them down when you are listening in the car or while running.

So, here are all the links you need for the latest guest gifts!


Jill Raff
Customer Experience Strategist

Go to to get her gift Customer Experience Gift


Tristan White
Author of Culture Is Everything: The Story and System of a Start-Up That Became Australia’s Best Place to Work
and Founder & CEO of The Physio Co

Go to to get his gift


Ashley Crouch
Award-winning Founder of Appleseed Communications

Text ‘Media’ to 66866 to get her free media cheat sheet


David Shriner-Cahn
Co-Founder of BestNetwork

Go to to request the free Smashing the Plateau in 30 Days Tool


Atara Malach
Working Mom Coach

Go to to get your gift!


Bruce Mack
Owner of Platinum Financing Group

Go to to get Bruce’s gift


Willie Jolley
Motivational Speaker and Author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback

Go to to get Willie’s All Access Pass


Skip Blankley
Founder of the Marketing Agency nobox creatives

Go to the nobox creatives website for your absolutely free, no strings attached, super detailed SEO and Website Audit. Through his other company, video marketing agency Juxt Media he is offering a free consultation as well.