February 2, 2018 – Angel Investor Ren Carlton, When to Jump Mike Lewis and New Horizen Coaching Sandra Hill

Ren Carlton - Founder of Omega Accelerator and Angel Investor


Ren Carlton

Ren Carlton has been recognized as a 40 under 40 by Crain’s Detroit Business, a 30 in their 30s by DBusiness, and as an Entrepreneur of Distinction by Corp! magazine, which also named his firm a Best of Michigan Business. The Small Business Council of America named Dynamic Advisory Solutions a Best of Business. Ren has served on the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants ethics task force, and as a director of the Detroit chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, and the Troy Community Foundation. He actively launches, acquires, grows, and sell businesses and has presented to various groups throughout the United States. He enjoys helping Entrepreneurs pursue bold, fearless goals. Ren’s radio talk show was specifically designed for aspiring Entrepreneurs and established business owners. Business advice, business news, guests (entrepreneurs, executives, and subject-matter experts). He entertains listeners while helping aspiring Entrepreneurs and business owners reach their goals. Ren is one of the Founder of Omega Accelerator which builds early-stage Female-led startups, combining Entrepreneurship and an Environment that encourages women to see Entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
Ren CarltonRen Carlton

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis


Mike Lewis - Investor, Entrepreneur and Author of When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You Want

Mike Lewis is the founder and CEO of the When to Jump platform, which gathers and shares stories of people who made life-changing career decisions to pursue their dream job. The idea of “jumping” came from Mike’s own life. At age of 24, he decided to leave a cushy job at Bain Capital to try his hand at becoming a professional squash player. He sought out guidance from other people who had made the leap and the answers he got were so clear-eyed and inspiring that Mike wanted to share what he had heard and learned with anyone else from 40+ people who jumped, including “Humans of New York” photographer, the book lays out the “Jump Curve”- the fundamental four steps to finally, wholeheartedly, pursue your dreams.
Mike LewisMike Lewis


Sandra Hill – Founder of New Horizen Coaching & Professional Growth Advancement, LLC


Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill is a Certified Professional Life Coach providing coaching and career advancement services to individuals, middle school to college age, veterans, aspiring managers and to organizations using a proven coaching model. Sandra is the founder and CEO of New Horizen Coaching & Professional Growth Advancement, LLC. New Horizen provides a catalyst for positive sustained change in specific facets of life so that it can ultimately reach the full potential. New Horizen’s  certified professional life coach is in good standing with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global coaching organization and professional association for coaches. Sandra handled transition confidence and received a certification of Office of Personnel Management 360 degrees Assessment Facilitator and Certified Professional Life Coach. She also volunteered at Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics and Hands on Atlanta.
Sandra HillSandra Hill



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January 31, 2018 – In the Smithsonian Lon Safko, Meeting Guru Dr. Rick Brinkman and Gig Economies Brian Ludwick

Lon Safko - Keynote Speaker, CEO at Innovative Thinking, and Author of The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success


Lon Safko

Lon Safko is the creator of the “First Computer to Save a Human Life.” That computer, along with 18 other inventions and more than 30,000 of Lon‘s papers, are in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. He has created numerous hardware and software solutions for the physically challenged, developed the first CAD software for civil engineers, designed the archetypes for the Apple Newton & Microsoft’s Bob Operating Systems, and is also responsible for those handy little Tool-Tips help-balloon pop-ups. He is the founder of 14 successful companies, including Paper Models Inc., which developed Three-Dimensional Internet Advertising and Virtual-Electronic-Retailing “V-E-Tailing” for business, promotions, and education for which Lon holds three United States patents. Lon has been recognized for his creativity with such prestigious awards as The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year, Arizona Innovation Network’s Innovator of the Year, The Arizona Software Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young / Inc.Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, The Public Relations Society of America’s, Mark of Excellence Award, and nominated as a Fellow of the nation‘s Computer History Museum. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, PC Novice, INC. Magazine, CFO, Popular Science Magazines and the New York Times just to name a few. Lon was even selected by the Smithsonian institution to represent The American Inventor at their annual conference. His bestselling book “The Social Media Bible” unlocks the mysteries of the hottest new Internet wave for business. This book is transforming corporate, government, and non profit marketing strategies and how they use these new media to reach their desired audiences with powerful messages and efficiency. Lon is also a professional blogger for FastCompany, appointed the first Ambassador for SCORE, and the USA Today CEO Advisory Board.
Lon SafkoLon Safko


Dr. Rick Brinkman – Keynote Speaker, Trainer on Effective Communication, and Author of Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand: Meet Less and Do More


Rick Brinkman

Dr. Rick Brinkman is a leadership and communications expert who teaches Conscious Communication® for leadership, teamwork, customer service and effective meetings. Since 1987, he’s performed more than 4,000 programs in 17 countries, sharing his insights on human behavior and strategies for practical communication. He is known for Educating through Entertainment, using humor and storytelling to make the learning memorable. A popular keynote speaker, his clients range from NASA and the FBI to Merck, Adobe, the Federal Reserve, and IBM. He is the co-author of the international bestselling book “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.” He describes how to transform universal difficult behaviors like whining, negativity, nitpicking, attacks, tantrums, sniping, know-it-alls, and passive yes, maybe and nothing people. Dr. Rick imparts sophisticated knowledge with a light-hearted touch. Using everyday situations, and character sketches, he creates a larger-than-life presentation that fills your people with comic and cosmic shocks of recognition and insight. His techniques produce results-oriented action for your organization because the substance of Dr. Rick’s content is embedded by humor into memory.
Dr. Rick Brinkman


Brian Ludwick - Pittsburgh Market President at Bank of America

Brian Ludwick

Brian Ludwick

Brian Ludwick has had an impressive career in bank and financial services. He worked with Merrill Lynch and Prudential Securities before he was named Wealth Management Bank and Credit Executive for the Greater Mid West Market. In that role Brian worked with the Wealth Management Bankers to provide Banking services to Financial Advisors and their clients. In 2014, Brian was named Market Executive for the Louisville and Associates Market in Louisville Kentucky until July of 2016 when he was appointed to his current role as Market Executive for Merrill Lynch in the Western Pennsylvania Market. Most recently, Brian was named Market President for Bank of America Western Pennsylvania in May of 2017. Brian’s past community interest have included serving on the Board of the Directors of The Path, a Florida Based Homeless Shelter and American Stage Theater Company. His interests also includes work with Metropolitan Ministries and Kaboom, an origination that builds playgrounds. He’s currently involved with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Phipps Conservatory. Today, he is with us to discuss the gig economy.
Bank of AmericaBank of America



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January 29, 2018 – Innovation Guru Kumar Mehta, Non-Obvious Curator Rohit Bhargava and Culture Andrew Conrad

Dr. Kumar Mehta – Principal & Founder of Bridges Insight and Author of The Innovation Biome: A Sustained Business Environment Where Innovation Thrives


Dr. Kumar Mehta

Dr. Kumar Mehta is an expert in innovation science and is dedicated to providing knowledge to help accelerate the rate of innovation across the globe. Kumar has been studying innovation since before it became a buzzword, basing his 1990 dissertation on how groundbreaking ideas and technologies spread. Since then, he has used his knowledge to create conditions for innovation throughout his tenure in a large corporation and in building out imaginative and forward-thinking companies. He has been the CEO of a successful enterprise that employs over 1,200 people worldwide. Kumar has also spent over thirteen years at Microsoft honing his skills in innovation, data analytics, research, and business strategy. He frequently speaks around the world on these topics. Kumar also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California. Kumar is passionate about education and serves on the board for the Committee for Children, a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development.


Rohit Bhargava - Founder and Chief Trend Curator of the Non-Obvious Company and Author of Non-Obvious 2018 Edition: How To Predict Trends And Win The Future (Non-Obvious Series)


Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, marketing professor and trends curator. He is the founder of the Non-Obvious Company and previously spent over 15 years leading digital and marketing strategy for global brands at two respected marketing agencies, Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. Rohit is widely considered one of the most entertaining and original keynote speakers on business trends and marketing in the world. He has been invited to deliver sell-out keynotes and workshops to change the way teams and leaders think at the World Bank, NASA, Intel, LinkedIn, MetLife, Under Armour, Univision, Disney and hundreds more. He has been quoted as a marketing and business expert by the Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, and NPR. He also writes a monthly column for GQ magazine, teaches a popular course on marketing and storytelling and also his personal blog has been named one of the top 25 marketing blogs in the world by AdAge magazine. Rohit dedicated his career to helping brands and leaders win by embracing their humanity and personality, learning to see what others miss, and predict the future.
Rohit BhargavaRohit Bhargava


Andrew Conrad – Director Of Training at Alta Impact

Andrew Conrad

Andrew Conrad

Andrew Conrad started and led a web design and photography business, worked in international sales management, and lived in Mexico working with a nonprofit over the last 10 years. He has worked with leaders and professionals of all kinds and managed a global team in two countries to grow sustainable initiatives. Andrew has a passion for serving others and growing individuals and teams through leadership development, team culture and joyful engagement. As a lifelong apprentice who has had the opportunity to learn from many mistakes, Andrew seeks to help others grow from the lessons he learned without having to experience similar hardship. Andrew’s mission is to build into others to help them get out their own way through self-melioration and practice otherness to become their ideal selves. He works to helps individuals discover significance in tandem with success and become multiplying leaders within their communities and organizations.
Andrew ConradAndrew Conrad



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January 26, 2018 – Downton Abbey Biz Adam von Gootkin, Thriving Through Uncertainty Tama Kieves, and Human Workplace Andy Swann

Adam von Gootkin - Entrepreneur, CEO of Highclere Castle Cigar Co., and Author of Living Proof: Onyx Moonshine’s Journey to Revive the American Spirit


Adam von Gootkin

Adam von Gootkin is an entrepreneur and luxury spirit and cigar founder. Adam left college after one semester and chose to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure that has included e-commerce, muscle cars, and the music industry. Adam’s ancestors were arrested in 1864 for tax evasion on a shipment of moonshine bound for Canada, resulting of the collapse of Chafee & Co Distilling. In 2011 at the age of 28, Adam resurrected his family moonshine legacy 78 years after its inception to launch Connecticut based Onyx Spirits Company, producers of the world’s first ultra-premium American moonshine. Adam shares his insights on entrepreneurship, on having an authentic product, on the importance of execution and what can we learn from his book, ‘Living Proof: Onyx Moonshine’s Journey to Revive the American Spirit’. Highclere Castle Cigar Co. was founded in 2017 via a partnership with the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, and world renowned cigar blender, Nicholas Melillo of Foundation Cigar Company. Highclere Castle also known as the fictional home “Downton Abbey,” but the magnificent Estate in Hampshire, England has been the seat of the distinguished Carnarvon family over 300 years.
Adam von GootkinAdam von Gootkin


Tama Kieves – Former Lawyer, and Bestselling Author of This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work You Love and Thriving Through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You


Tama Kieves

Tama Kieves left her law practice with prestigious corporate law firm to write and help others discover and soar in their life’s work. Tama knows well that you can’t plan for every contingency after having toiled for years to become a lawyer and then realizing the work was soul-crushing. She also knows that it’s in the midst of these times of uncertainty that if you can learn to listen to and trust your most authentic desires, you can make the changes necessary to lead the life you always wanted. Now in her new book, she proves that the moment your plans fall apart is precisely when your true destiny begins. With Tama’s guidance, you can take hold of the blessings and opportunities hidden within uncertain transitional periods and begin to move forward.
Tama KievesTama Kieves


Andy Swann – Catalyst, Connector, Change Maker, Speaker, Writer, Work-Explorer, and Author of The Human Workplace: People-Centred Organizational Development


Andy Swann

Andy Swann leads the development and delivery of people-focused transition management for organizations undergoing change at BDG Architecture + Design in the UK. He is also the founder of Simple Better Human, a creative organization development consultancy which specializes in allowing employees to thrive so that organizations can, too. He runs the All About People conference and speaks around the world on the benefits or taking a more human approach to organizational development. Andy knows better than most that things just aren’t that straightforward. Bringing his work at the coalface of organizational change with him, he leads us through the challenges, debunks the fads and offers practical and effective ways of not only coping with the challenges of the future but possibly even enjoying them. In The Human Workplace researched book, Andy considers the full scope of how we work, from the interpersonal to the networks and communities on which we rely, and how this is translating into today’s society. In an age of digitization and artificial intelligence, Andy repeatedly finds that applying our shared humanity is the most important element of a high-performing workplace.
Andy SwannAndy Swann



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January 24, 2018 – Vulnerability Barry Kaplan, Franchise Expo Tom Portesy, and CES Sarah Evans

Barry Kaplan – Partner at Shift180, LLC and Author of The Power of Vulnerability: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward


Barry Kaplan

Barry Kaplan  inspires leaders and their teams to declare what they want and coaches them to access their power to make it happen. Barry’s coaching wisdom comes from his experience leading teams in the tourism industry ranging from COO of a 200-store chain with over 2,000 employees, division President, and Board member of a public company in dining, entertainment, and travel, and co-founder and senior executive of a twenty-one company roll up in leisure travel. He has coached hundreds of executives and works extensively with leadership teams and YPO forums. He has been a member of YPO since 1993 and active volunteer in community affairs. Being “the boss” isn’t always easy.  Business owners, CEO’s, and other executives can feel overwhelmed by the need to be the one with all the answers, 24/7.  But it doesn’t have to be this way, say leadership experts Barry Kaplan and Jeff Manchester. In their new book, “The Power of Vulnerability,” they explain that by shedding the burden of having to be “right” all the time, people in charge can worry less about what they have to provide in terms of direction and ideas, and will have a newfound freedom to explore the bigger picture. Moreover, by being willing to step back and let to others take the reins, they will unlock their teams’ true potential.
Barry KaplanBarry Kaplan


Tom Portesy – CEO of MFV Expositions


Tom Portesy

Tom Portesy is the President & CEO of MFV Expositions, producers of Franchise Expo South, the largest franchise expo serving the southern United States and Latin America. Tapping into Dallas lucrative marketplace, this years expo offers a look into the hottest franchise trends as attendees can explore various emerging, international, and mature franchise opportunities with an investment level from as little as $10,000 to over $1 million. Tom has more than 25 years of global sales and executive management experience. He has been President of MFV Expositions for more than ten years and  CEO since 2009. During this time, MFV Expositions has taken on many iterations, adapting to the ever changing market place. Tom oversees a staff of thirty professionals producing three leading franchise events in the United States. In addition, Tom is exceptionally active in many International Franchise Events operated by MFV Expositions or strategic partners. He is also responsible for the global network of partners involved in MFV’s emerging international online business. Working closely with the International Franchise Association and many franchise associations around the world, he has participated as a panelist and moderator in countless educational seminars and symposia.
Tom Portesy



Sarah Evans – CES Digital Correspondent, Strategist & CEO of Sevans Strategy and Author of [Re]frame: Little Inspirations for a Larger Purpose

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans is the chief evangelist at Tracky and proprietor of Sevans Strategy, and advertising and new media consultancy. Sarah is also a digital correspondent. That includes social and digital strategy, talent, editing and publishing with her company Sevans Strategy. She works with companies, like PayPal and Cox Communications, as a digital correspondent and runs a popular digital lifestyle publication Sarah’s Faves. Sarah previously worked with a local crisis center to raise more than $161,000 in three weeks via social media and is proud to be a team member of the Guinness Book World Record holder for the #beatcancer campaign. Her career is a mashup of all her favorite things. She began her career in communications and government relations and a love of technology forever changed her professional path. While her focus over the past ten years has been public relations, she’d “morphed”​ into a correspondent and consultant, sharing all things digital lifestyle. Sarah can be seen in Vanity Fair’s Americas Tweethearts, Forbes’ 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter and Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Hot Startups of 2010. Her latest venture under her company (Sevans Strategy) umbrella is the digital lifestyle publication, FAVES + CO. She is with us today to report on the latest trends from the Consumers’ Electronic Show.
Sarah EvansSarah Evans


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January 22, 2018 – Impromptu Judith Humphrey and Enjoyable Meetings Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Judith Humphrey - Founder of The Humphrey Group Inc. and Author of Impromptu: Leading in the MomentSpeaking As a Leader: How to Lead Every Time You Speak and Taking the Stage: How Women Can Speak Up, Stand Out, and Succeed


Judith Humphrey

Judith Humphrey is the Founder of The Humphrey Group. In 1988, she launched The Humphrey Group as the first Canadian firm to focus on teaching top executives to be effective speakers. While Judith retired on January 1, 2017, she continues to write books and articles that look at how to communicate inspirationally. Judith’s legacy lives on every day at The Humphrey Group through the powerful intellectual capital she created over nearly 30 years. Her vision of marrying leadership and communication remains central to the firm’s mission. Her Leadership Model methodology continues to be a foundational piece of our work with clients today. Judith Humphrey’s career has focused on achieving the power of strong communications. This path has included teaching communications to university-level students and instructors, writing CEO speeches, founding and building a preeminent global leadership communications firm The Humphrey Group. Judith is a communication expert whose business teaches global clients how to communicate as confident, compelling leaders. Judith is the author of the three books, an acclaimed speaker, and a columnist for Fast Company. Judith was awarded the 2012 YWCA’S prestigious Woman of Distinction award for Entrepreneurship.
Judith HumphreyJudith Humphrey


Mamie Kanfer Stewart - Founder & CEO at Meeteor, Author and Speaker 

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Mamie Kanfer Stewart is CEO and founder of Meeteor, a software and consulting firm that enables better meetings. Through consulting and technology, Meeteor enables teams and organizations to develop a healthy and productive meeting culture. But Mamie’s expertise and passion go beyond meetings. She is adept at providing, teaching, and sharing best practices to optimize how people work individually and collaboratively to develop high performance teams. Mamie is driven to help others optimize their time and cultivate their team to achieve results. She brings an unusual combination of strategic thinking and personalized consulting, making her a pleasure to work with and an effective coach for any personality. Mamie is a dynamic speaker and has presented at numerous events and been interviewed on a variety of podcasts, including Lean Startup. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Collective, and PCMag and writes about productivity, healthy team culture, and meeting best practices. Mamie sits on numerous non-profit boards and was honored by Auburn Seminary in 2016 with their prestigious Lives of Commitment Award.
Mamie Kanfer StewartMamie Kanfer Stewart





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January 19, 2018 – Aha! Andy Cunningham, Reputation Management Ken Tucker and from CES Scott Steinberg

Andy Cunningham – Founder and President at Cunningham Collective and Author of Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition

Andy Cunningham

Andy Cunningham

Andy Cunningham is an entrepreneur at the forefront of marketing, branding, positioning and communicating “The Next Big Thing.” Andy has played a key role in the launch of a number of new categories including video games, personal computers, desktop publishing, digital imaging, RISC microprocessors, software as a service, very light jets, and clean tech investing. Andy is an expert in creating and executing marketing, branding and communication strategies that accelerate growth, increase shareholder value and advance corporate reputation. She came to Silicon Valley in 1983 to help Steve Jobs launch the Macintosh. Steve chose Andy’s public relations agency, Cunningham Communication, to represent him when he left Apple to form NeXT and acquire Pixar. Andy continued to work with Steve for several years and has developed marketing, branding and communication strategies for game-changing technologies and companies ever since.  Andy is the founder and president of Cunningham Collective, a marketing, brand and communication strategy firm dedicated to bringing innovation to market. The 5-year old firm has worked with many companies in various markets including telecommunications, search, energy efficiency, media and publishing, finance, mobile apps, display technology, healthcare, big data and semiconductors. Andy is also the host of the popular podcast Marketing Over Ice.
Andy CunninghamAndy Cunningham


Ken Tucker - President and Founder of Changescape Web

Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker is the founder of Changescape Web, a Small Business Marketing and Website Design Agency specializing in developing comprehensive integrated marketing strategy and campaigns for small and mid-sized businesses across the US. Their specialties include search engine optimization, website design, and social media marketing. Ken is a Master Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant, an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional (since 2010), and an SEO for Growth Consultant. He provides strategy and training in the Duct Tape Marketing System and Social Media as well as offering a complete range of marketing, advertising and consulting services. Ken created and taught one of the first college credit level Social Media Marketing classes in the US, and also taught Content Management Systems at the St. Charles Community College for 5 years (from 2011 – 2016). Ken currently serves as Co-Chair of the St. Charles County Chambers of Commerce Technology Committee and has served on the Board of Directors for the Greater St. Charles County Chamber and the Cottleville-Weldon Spring Chamber.
Ken TuckerKen Tucker


Scott Steinberg - Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Futurist + Trends Expert, CEO of SELECT Magazine, Expert Witness, and Author of Get Rich Playing Games 


Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinber is one of today’s top testifying technology expert witnesses, high-tech experts and consultants. Over one billion people have turned to high-tech analyst Scott Steinberg for insight into today’s top consumer products, computers, electronics, software apps, IT and online services. A veteran IT technology expert witness consultant, software publisher and the head of technology consulting firm TechSavvy Global, Scott is a frequent on-air expert for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN.  He is a trusted consultant to the consumer electronics industry’s top manufacturers and agencies, and insider for 400+ media outlets from The New York Times to Playboy and Entrepreneur. Scott has been cited as a top authority by the Associated Press, USA Today, NPR, MSNBC and more. Beyond aiding computer, electronics and software industry leaders, attorneys and investors with expert witness testimony, business strategy consulting and market analysis, he’s also the author of several books including Get Rich Playing Games and host of Rolling Stone’s Gear Up technology video series.
Scott SteinberScott Steinber



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January 17, 2018 – Social Change Morgan Simon, Museum VR Jacob Koo and Need a Budget Jesse Mecham

Morgan Simon - Managing Director, Candide Group and Author of Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change


Morgan Simon

Morgan Simon co-leads Candide Group, which supports clients that include members of the Pritzker family. She is also co-founder and chair of the non-profit Transform Finance. Morgan previously served as the founding CEO of Toniic, a global network of impact investors, and as the founding executive director of the Responsible Endowments Coalition. Morgan has worked with the United Nations in Honduras, in corporate reform with ForestEthics, and in domestic microfinance with the Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment. She currently serves on the boards of the Restaurant Opportunity Center, The Working World, and CARE Enterprises. She is on the board of The Working World, and co-chair of ROC United, a non-profit worker center supporting over 25,000 restaurant workers nationwide. Morgan serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Program at Middlebury College teaching impact investment and social enterprise. Morgan has made a significant contribution with the very big idea that we can change the world by changing how we all relate to money.
Morgan SimonMorgan Simon


Jacob Koo – Founder of VRt Ventures 


Jacob Koo

Jacob Koo is a lifelong entrepreneur, previously involved in the import/export of commodities and products, sports and entertainment marketing, real estate investment and development, retail business, contemporary art and design, and mobile apps. His belief in the potential of virtual reality was the impetus for founding VRt Ventures, a company focused on exploring the possibilities of VR. Jacob found his true calling in the arts, founding VRt Ventures to change the art world through technology. As an art enthusiast, Jacob recognized the reason many people don’t get more involved in the art world is because of the intimidation factor. To make art more accessible to all, he created a VR experience centered around Kerry James Marshall’s celebrated exhibition “Mastry” shown at the MOCA museum in Los Angeles. With this free VR experience, art neophytes can take all the time they need to look at works and decipher meanings, without having to worry about being judged. VRt Ventures is focused on developing virtual reality (VR) applications that capture and archive artistic expression through the power of 360-degree immersive technology.
Jacob KooJacob Koo


Jesse Mecham – Author of  You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want


Jesse Mecham

Jesse Mecham is a recovering CPA that started a company called “You Need A Budget.” Jesse founded YNAB in 2004 when he was in college and created a leading personal budgeting app, helping hundreds of thousands of people break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and save more money. He operates at the intersection of personal finance, technology, and psychology. Jesse is the host of a weekly podcast creatively named, “You Need A Budget.” It has been downloaded millions of times. YNAB is currently planning on building a web-based version of the software at some point in the future. Jesse went from zero to $4M in revenue and is now trying to figure out how to grow it even further by focusing on data driven growth.
Jesse MechamJesse Mecham



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January 16, 2018 – Bulldozer Donato Tramuto, 10k to 2 Million Moneeka Sawyer and KBB Rebecca Lindland

Donato Tramuto – CEO of Tivity Health and Author of Life’s Bulldozer Moments: How Adversity Leads to Success in Life and Business 

Donato Tramuto

Donato Tramuto

Donato Tramuto is a respected healthcare innovator and industry leader, philanthropist and global healthcare activist. In 2014, he received the prestigious RFK Ripple of Hope Award. Donato has been widely recognized for his three decades of industry experience and commitment to social change. He was appointed as chief executive officer of Healthways, Inc. a global organization providing population health management and well-being improvement solutions in 2015.  He became the CEO of Tivity Health (formerly Healthways) last November 2015. Trivity Health is  a leading provider of fitness and health improvement programs, with strong capabilities in developing and managing network solutions. He also started Tramuto Foundation.
Donato TramutoDonato Tramuto


Moneeka Sawyer – Founder of Core Bliss Life and Author of Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment 


Moneeka Sawyer

Moneeka Sawyer has often been described as one of the most joyful people you will ever meet. She finds her bliss through helping people live a life filled with meaning, purpose, passion, and joy. She has been coaching in Silicon Valley for over 11 years and recently authored the book “Choose Bliss” to help people discover their own personal definition of bliss and create a whole new sense of power, energy, and excitement about their relationships, businesses, and their lives. She teaches women to be empowered with their money by showing them how to invest in Real Estate so they can retire rich. She’s the creator of the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula and has appeared on many TV shows including CBS SF Bay Area, ABC TV-Portland and more. Get her free download here!
Moneeka SawyerMoneeka Sawyer


Rebecca Lindland – Executive Analyst for Kelley Blue Book


Rebecca Lindland

Rebecca Lindland serves as executive analyst for Kelley Blue Book.  In this role, she oversees the creation and delivery of consultative, actionable and differentiated insights for automakers and advertising agency clients. Working with many departments within Cox Automotive, Kelley Blue Book’s parent company, Lindland cohesively synthesizes available data and reports, highlighting interesting and relevant data to help shape storylines for automakers. Additionally, using these insights, she frequently speaks with media on current and upcoming trends and timely automotive news topics Prior to joining Cox Automotive in 2015, she spent more than two years as a senior research fellow for the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC), based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Lindland created and developed the non-profit institution’s transportation studies initiative, and spearheaded a research project aimed at analyzing the Saudi Arabian light-vehicle market to evaluate potential methodologies for applying fuel economy standards, while minimizing market disruption. She also led a market-sizing project estimating adoption rates of alternative fuel vehicles in the U.S. market, advising regulators, academics and manufacturers on the topic.
Rebecca LindlandRebecca Lindland



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January 12, 2018 – Passion, Smashion!

What about Passion?  Is it good for entrepreneurs? A requirement?




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