October 20, 2017 – LiveComm Mitch Stephen, JOANY’s Christine Carrillo, Indian Ministry Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Mitch Stephen – Founder of LiveComm and Author of My Life & 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom


Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephen is a self-taught entrepreneur, specializing in flipping houses and real estate. Since 1996, Mitch has purchased well over 1500 houses around his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Today, he specializes in providing owner financed properties to individuals that traditional lending institutions ignore. He loves giving new life to properties that scar neighborhoods. He has perfected a method of achieving cash-flow without having to be a landlord and without having to rehab the properties. He’s mastered the art of raising private money and the classic no money down deal. Mitch pioneered the idea that you don’t have to give discounts to sell your notes. He is on the show today to talk about his new business called LiveComm.com. It offers business owners a unique and affordable way to capture the cell phone number of every customer who calls, and then the ability to text their customers for pennies per text.
Mitch StephenMitch Stephen


Christine Carrillo - CEO & CoFounder of JOANY 


Christine Carrillo

Christine Carrillo is a serial entrepreneur with deep expertise in healthcare and technology. She believes that our sick health care system can be transformed into a health system by aligning care organizations with patients. With over 15 years of expertise in the healthcare industry, she has a deep passion to humanize healthcare. Currently, at JOANY, she is reinventing the health insurance consumer experience using data and machine learning. She has helped with plans at Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Aetna, Anthem, Various Blue’s Plans, United Health Care, PacificCare, Amerihealth Caritas, SCAN, Mercy Health, CDPHP, Group Health, CIGNA, AARP, Tufts, AvMed, and HealthEquity. For JOANY, two powerhouse women engineers came together to change how we get our healthcare. The company raised $13 million Series A funding round, and it makes health insurance simple and transparent. JOANY is a free and unbiased online resource where consumers can easily research and purchase  health insurance plans. JOANY’s customers fill out a simple questionnaire to gather basic information on things like doctor visits and what medications they’re prescribed, and then uses machine learning to instantly generate a tailored recommendation for each customer. The site currently saves customers an average of $4,000 per year.
Christine CarrilloChristine Carrillo


Harsimrat Kaur Badal – Indian Minister of Food Processing Industries 


Minister Badal

Harsimrat Kaur Badal is a determined Indian politician. She is presently the Minister of Food Processing in the Modi government. Minister Badal belongs to a famous political family of the Punjab region. Apart from being a great political leader, she is also involved in social work and is a business person. India today is the 2nd largest producer of food in the world and the 6th largest food and grocery market. In fact, India leads the world in growth rate, ahead of the U.S., Germany, Japan, and the UK. The Indian Government has invested in its own food economy, and is now considered a top market for foreign countries to invest in food manufacturing and processing. India just hosted the World Food India summit, a global event to facilitate partnerships between Indian and international businesses and investors, especially with U.S. entrepreneurs like us.
Harsimrat Kaur Badal



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October 18, 2017 – Compassionate Capitalist Karen Rands, Couple Biz Partners Fabiola Hesslein, Bulletproof Dave Asprey

Karen Y. Rands -  Venture Catalyst, Compassionate Capitalist and Author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing: Step-by-Step Strategies to Leverage Private Equity Investment for Passive Wealth Creation

Karen Rands

Karen Rands

Karen Y. Rands is a nationally recognized expert on Angel Investing and is an Economist, Investor, and Entrepreneur. She is known as a  Compassionate Capitalist. She draws upon both her academic ‘book knowledge’ and her experience as an ‘intrapreneur’ during her tenure at IBM to managing a very active angel investor network.  Karen has advising hundreds of entrepreneurs and business and is the Leader and Advocate for the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. She defines “Compassionate Capitalist” as “A person who primarily invests their money, and when feasible their time, resources, knowledge, and experience, into an entrepreneurial endeavor to bring innovation to market, create jobs, and ultimately create wealth for the investors and founders.” She serves as the Managing Director for the National Network of Angel Investors and is a frequent speaker and mentor. Karen won the Advocate of the Year award in 2016 at the Flight to Freedom Summit in San Ramon, California, for her work to promote Compassionate Capitalism.
Karen RandsKaren Rands


Fabiola Hesslein -  Co-founder and CEO of Tryon Entertainment

Fabiola Hesslein

Fabiola Hesslein

Fabiola Hesslein is the Co-founder & CEO of Tryon Entertainment, a business that she runs with her husband. The NYC-based production company provides original entertainment concepts, immersive theatrical experiences, and custom show productions for large corporate clients. It is a one-stop source for brands and event planners looking for incredibly creative solutions for their special events and projects. Fabiola has appeared in countless network television shows, commercials, music videos, concerts, and more. She performed alongside Michael Jackson, Usher, Ricky Martin, and more with appearances on HBO, MTV, and SNL for Toyota, Reebok, Samsung, Michelob, Adidas are just to name a few. She has become an independent creative director for various production companies, special events, projects, stage shows and concerts. Fabiola HessleinFabiola Hesslein


Dave Asprey - Founder of Bulletproof and Author of Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur, a professional biohacker, and the creator of Bulletproof Coffee. He hosts Bulletproof Radio, a nationally syndicated radio show and #1 ranked podcast with over 50 million downloads. Dave serves as Chairman of the Silicon Valley Health Institute and spent 15 years and over $1 million to hack his own biology. He used techniques to upgrade his brain and IQ points, lowered his biological age, and lost 100 pounds without using calories or exercise. His work has been featured on The Tonight Show, Nightline, ABC News, Forbes, CNN, and FOX News. His writing has been published by Fortune and the New York Times, and he’s been featured in The Financial Times, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Vogue, Fast Company, Women’s Health, and dozens more. Dave’s work is born out of a fifteen-year single-minded crusade to upgrade the human being using every available technology.
Dave AspreyDave Asprey



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October 16, 2017 – Sales Leadership Glenn Mattson, Accessory Queen Kelly Carroll Burgin, and Cryptonomex Dylan Howard

Glenn Mattson – President of Mattson Enterprise Inc., a Sandler Training® Firm


Glenn Mattson

Glenn Mattson is a veteran of the selling profession. He built one of the largest and best respected franchises for Sandler Training. His office has  consistently ranked in the top 1% of trainers world-wide, specializing in sales and management productivity and effectiveness. The firm conducts workshops, corporate programs and one on one sessions for executives, business owners or individuals who are in the sales or management role. His specialty is helping producers, specifically those in the financial service industry, grow their sales to the next level and to correct the underlying issues that can unravel any team of salespeople. Glenn knows if you understand the “Why” you can overcome the “How.” He has spoken at the prestigious MDRT and the Court of the Table, and having worked at every level of the industry, Glenn can teach what sales managers can do to get maximize their teams and how salespeople can escape the “head trash” that keeps them from excelling.
Glenn MattsonGlenn Mattson


Kelly Carroll Burgin - Owner at K.Carroll Accessories

Kelly Carroll Burgin

Kelly Carroll Burgin

K. Carroll Accessories is a woman-owed and operated accessories company. Kelly Carroll Burgin was downsized from her corporate job and used the opportunity to pursue her passion, while creating more balance in her personal life. Fifteen years later, the company has been featured on “Good Morning America” and “The View,” and it was even featured as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Kelly and her team operate out of a 6,400 square foot facility outside of Detroit. The company started as a traveling boutique focused on trunk show fundraisers, bringing “the boutique to you.” Now with an expanded product line and an e-commerce site, the wholesale business spans all 50 states. Their bags are designed with both style and purpose. In addition to being trend aware and fashionable, they always try to offer a little more. For example, the Secure Style line has a built-in identity theft protective lining and their Portable Purse Power products have built in chargers.
Kelly Carroll BurginKelly Carroll Burgin


Dylan Howard – Chief Operations Officer of Cryptonomex Inc.


Dylan Howard

Dylan Howard is spearheading the 1 Billion Hero Challenge. As Co-Founder, he is coordinating the plan to to invite 1 Billion fans and supporters into a new prosperous economic system that will far exceed Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. They hope to increase speed and humanitarian impact throughout the world. Dylan is part of the driving force behind Bitshares and Sovereign HERO. Cryptonomex provides software development services to meet the growing demand for custom, high-performance blockchains and related technology. Their engineers have designed and built one of the most advanced blockchain platforms on the market, capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second.
Dylan HowardDylan Howard



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October 13, 2017 – Confident Spender Leah Ingram, Conscious Career Samanee Mahbub & Hero Dad Bill Sefekar

Leah Ingram - Money Saving Expert and Author of The Complete Guide to Paying for College: Save Money, Cut Costs, and Get More for Your Education Dollar


Leah Ingram

Leah Ingram, also known as the The Confident Spender, has been helping people be smart with their money for more than a decade. She has helped thousands of people, regardless of their age or income, feel good about their finances.  A regular contributor to Parade.com, her work has appeared in Good Housekeeping, AARP, Costco Connection, and many other publications. She is the author of fifteen books and appears on radio and TV frequently to share money-saving advice. She has partnered with a number of brands over the years, including Chase, Bank of America, Walmart, and Valpak.

Leah IngramLeah Ingram


Samanee Mahbub - Founder of Conscious Career


Samanee Mahbub

Samanee Mahbub spent the last 3 years becoming a career path expert. She traveling to 24 countries and working at 8 different companies as part of the process. Samanee worked at a top 3 bank, the world’s largest NGO, and for multiple start-ups around the world. Her research helped her secure interviews at top tier firms like Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Morgan Stanley, Bridgewater Associates. Building on her personal experiences and extensive research, she created Conscious Career and its flagship program, Compass. It is a proven step-by-step process to help students and recent grads launch a fulfilling and financially stable career path. She helps them learn the ins and outs of the recruiting and interview process.
Samanee Mahbub


Bill Sefekar – Author of “American Dreamer: A Look into the Life of My Father, Joe Baby”


Bill Sefekar

Hopefully, we all love and idolize our dads! Bill Sefekar published a book about his great dad called, “American Dreamer: A Look Into the Life of My Father, Joe Baby.” His dad was a decorated soldier and WWII bronze star recipient and was the Administrator who helped build the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington. He also was CFO of Ruth Eckerd Hall, the Performing Arts Center in Clearwater, FL. Bill’s dad was a positive influence in his life and touched so many people’s lives, and this book and story are dedicated to sharing this great story.
Bill SefekarBill Sefekar



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October 11, 2017 – Wonder Wallet Inventor Alan Beckley, Rich Nations Dr. Robert Genetski, Million Dollar Sellers Stephen Harvill

Alan Beckley – Inventor and President at Inventor-Center.net


Alan Beckley

Alan Beckley invented the thin, flexible RFID protecting Wonder Wallet that became a Direct Response TV and QVC sensation. It is sold in over 10,000 retail stores in the US and Canada including Bed, Bath, and Beyond, CVS Pharmacies, Target and Walmart. He refined the design, test marketed the concept successfully in trade shows and festivals, and successfully sourced the product in China. After over thirty years in the corporate world as an engineer and telecom project manager, Alan became a full-time entrepreneur in 2009. Now he provides consulting services to assist inventors. He provide free consulting and advice to inventors. For inventors with great products that are retail-ready, Alan will provide product licensing services.
Alan Beckley Alan Beckley


Dr. Robert Genetski – Founder of ClassicalPrinciples.com and Author of Rich Nation/Poor Nation: Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Fail

Robert Genetski

Dr. Robert Genetski

Dr. Robert Genetski has a rare combination of business and academic experience. As one of the world’s leading advocates of free market classical principles, he has written 5 books on the subject. His new book, Rich Nation, Poor Nation, shows how poor nations can become rich and how rich nations can lose their wealth. He is a world-renowned economist, teacher, author and speaker. For over 25 years, his consulting firm, ClassicalPrinciples, has helped clients to prepare for macro, global economic conditions. He has taught economics at New York University and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Robert has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Investor Business daily and on Fox and CNN.

Robert GenetskiRobert Genetski


Stephen Harvill - Speaker, President at Creative Ventures and Author of 21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers: America’s Top Earners Reveal the Keys to Sales Success

Stephen Harvill

Stephen Harvill

Stephen Harvill helps some of the world’s most respected companies realize their true capabilities. His firm, Creative Ventures, has spend 25 years pioneering methods in organizational dynamics and strategic thinking. This boutique consulting firm worked with organizations of all sizes including Apple, Pepsi, Samsung, IBM, General Mills, the U.S. Navy, Southwest Airlines, and Microsoft. This work inspired him and gave him access to gather valuable insights from the top sellers. He interviewed 175 sales superstars who consistently produce a minimum of $1 million in annual sales. Stephen found twenty-one distinct behaviors key to success. They are highlighted in his new book “21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers.”

Stephen HarvillStephen Harvill



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October 9, 2017 – Village Capital Ross Baird, Master Builder Rene Antanesian & Genie Dreamer Allison Gondoli

Ross Baird - President of Village Capital and Author of The Innovation Blind Spot: Why We Back the Wrong Ideas and What to Do About It 

Ross Baird

Ross Baird

Ross Baird runs Village Capital, a firm he co-founded five years ago. They find, train, and fund entrepreneurs solving global problems, and they build communities around these entrepreneurs that help build better businesses. Their peer-selected investment process delivers better results for investors and entrepreneurs. Village Capital has supported over 500 entrepreneurs through programs over the past five years and their companies have created 7,000 jobs and raised $100 million in follow-on capital. Ross also teaches courses in entrepreneurship and impact investing at the University of Virginia, and he works closely with two training programs, Impact Business Leaders and Frontier Market Scouts. Before launching Village Capital, Ross worked with First Light Ventures, a seed-stage venture fund and also participated in the founding and development of four education-related start-up ventures. He has an MPhil from the University of Oxford, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a BA from the University of Virginia, where he was a Truman Scholar and a Jefferson Scholar.

Ross BairdRoss Baird


Rene Antanesian – President at HRBDx New York Inc.


Rene Antanesian

Rene Antanesian is the principal of HRBDX, Inc. a design and construction firm that begun as a family business. With over twenty years in the business, Rene has contributed to some well-known projects including Tao, Nobu, Bond Street and recently, the renovation of the Friars Club in New York. Rene has built out the various IHOP chains and the iconic Loews Theater on 42nd Street, also known as the Regal Theatre. His firm prides in meeting deadlines that they designate to their clients. He also runs a luxury tile company and a cabinetry design brand. He prides himself in having his firm become a one-stop shop resource resource for his clientele.
Rene Antanesian


Allison Gondoli – Founder of A Genie’s Dream

Allison Gondoli

Allison Gondoli

Allison Gondoli is the founder of A Genie’s Dream, a monthly subscription service for ladies, providing all types of sustainable products to ease your worries during that time of the month. Each monthly package will take young women on a mystical journey to “unleash the goddess you already are.” They include pamper products, organic tampons, chocolate, teas, and mysteries.
A Genie's Dream



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October 6, 2017 – The Recipe John David Mann, Antigua Tourism Minister Asot Michael & Photo Passion David McCammon

John David Mann – Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Author of The Recipe: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Ingredients of Greatness


John David Mann

John David Mann has co-written  a new book about greatness call “The Recipe.” It’s another one of his famous stories told through a fable. John was with us before to talk about his bestseller, The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea, which sold over 500,000 copies! At 13, he wrote a musical score for Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound,” which was later performed at the legendary amphitheater at Epidaurus, Greece, where the play was originally premiered. At 15, he was recipient of the 1969 BMI Awards to Student Composers and several New Jersey State grants for composition. At age 17, John started his own high school! Before turning to business and journalism, he was a successful concert cellist and prize-winning composer. In his twenties and thirties, he founded four companies including a multi-million-dollar sales organization. As an author, John won the Nautilus Award, the Axiom Business Book Award (Gold Medal), and Taiwan’s Golden Book Award for Innovation.

John David MannSchool for Startups Radio


Honorable Asot Michael -  Minister of Tourism and Economic Development for Antigua and Barbuda

Asot Michael

Asot Michael

The Honorable Asot Michael is the Member of the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda and he is also the Minister of Tourism, Economic Development Investment and Energy under Prime Minister Gaston Browne. In 1997, he was appointed by Honorable Lester Bird, then-Prime Minister, as his Chief of Staff. After that promising start, Mr. Michael was appointed a Government Senator, as well as Minister of State, responsible for Public Works, Communications, Insurance, Energy and St. John’s Development Corporation. He continued in this role until 2001, when he was appointed Minister of Finance and Leader of Government Business in the Senate. today, he is with us to provide an update after Hurricane Irma. His message is simple! Antigua is open for business and ready for your next dream vacation!


David McCammon – Owner of David McCammon Photography and Author of Image Power

David McCammon

David McCammon

David McCammon is a professional photographer and author of “Image Power: Balancing Passion and Profit in Business.” He has spent three decades developing his own photography business, and in his book, he offers insight to those who want to earn a living as photographers without compromising the quality of their work. David discovered photography at an early age. After graduating with a degree in photography from Ryerson University, he found that working in the field could be challenging. Today, David produces a high-quality digital portrait and product photography for numerous businesses. He also earned an M.Ed. degree and has taught photography courses at several colleges and universities.
David McCammonDavid McCammon



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October 4, 2017 – Stupid Enough Jeff Naeem & Warrior Sage Willard Barth

Jeff Naeem - Owner at Junk-A-Haulics and Author of Stupid Enough to Succeed: The Millennial Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Business Hypergrowth

Jeff Naeem

Jeff Naeem

Jeff Naeem became an entrepreneur at just 7, when he sold wrapping paper door-to-door. While still in college, he became one of the top 100 sales performers for Cutco knives. After college, he took a normal job in financial services, but quickly grew weary of the 9-5 grind. At the suggestion of a friend, Jeff decided to quit and become a full time junk guy! He says he traded in junk bonds for junk removal! His company Junk-A-Haulics® has a fleet of trucks, multiple locations, and a team of clean cut professional haulers. They are getting ready to start franchising soon. Junk-A-Haulics became profitable in 3 months and has grown 50-75% each year since. Jeff was featured in New Jersey Business magazine, The “Daily Record,” and has guest blogged for the worldwide Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He is on the Board of the EO Accelerator and appeared as a workshop presenter for the Next Level Conference, sponsored by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Jeff NaeemJeff Naeem


Willard Barth - Executive Business Coaching Expert and Speaker


Willard Barth

Willard Barth is the Founder of Willard Barth Enterprises and, for almost 30 years, has been involved in the field of human behavior, personal and professional development. He has been involved in numerous businesses including retail sales, entertainment, event management, software development, marketing, real estate, consulting and coaching. As a owner and consultant, Willard discovered that for a business to succeed, they all follow a repetitive cycle which he calls “The Anatomy Of Transformation.” This cycle is a seven phase framework that he has implemented in his consulting and coaching work which has had powerful results. One company using his system grew their sales by 93% in one year. Willard is a #1 best selling author, an internationally recognized speaker, and host of the video series Self-Awareness 101.

Willard BarthWillard Barth



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October 2, 2017 – 3D Clothes Printing Christine Ko, DV Closet Alexandros Alexandropoulos & Cerimani Jewelry Proud Limpongpan

Christine Ko - CEO of Venia Collection

Christine Ko

Christine Ko

Christine Ko is the CEO of Venia Collection, a new way to experience clothing.  Venia is a contemporary, premium label designed for the modern entrepreneur, men and women. The brand is fully committed to fusing technology into its manufacturing, leveraging advancements in virtual reality and 3D Printing. They use only 100% sustainable fibers to create the best possible product for both you and the environment. It is produced ethically and locally in Los Angeles. Christine is known for her unique background of creative problem solving, quick thinking and enjoys risk taking challenges in the industry.
Christine KoChristine Ko


Alexandros Alexandropoulos – Co-Founder of DV Closet


Alexandros Alexandropoulos

Alexandros Alexandropoulos’ background is in law, with a specialization in Corporate and Maritime Law. He gained experience in a number of law firms (Clyde & Co, Hill Dickinson, and Holman Fenwick Willan) and considers law to be his “first love.” But after his legal career, together with a group of innovators, he founded DV Closet. DV Closet is a fashiontech startup. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, DV Closet provides a personal digital fashion experience. Users of the app will enjoy expensive high end fashion services using their mobile phones. Their application is reducing the “barriers-to-entry” and increases the reach for all fashion professionals, shoppers, bloggers, designers, media, stylists, retailers, and photographers.

DV ClosetDV Closet


Proud Limpongpan – Founder and CEO of Cerimani Inc.

Proud Limpongpan

Proud Limpongpan

Prior to b-school, Proud Limpongpan was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, in the telecom, media, and technology sectors. She received a MBA from Harvard Business School after a BS in Economics from the London School of Economics. Proud was at John Hardy, a private equity backed jewelry brand, and grew interested in the intersection between craftsmanship and innovation. She wants to use that to change the jewelry manufacturing industry. She also worked at Kate Spades & Company’s Tech Product Strategy Group, where her initiatives have been adopted and can be seen in stores today. Her startup company, Cerimani, has designs are an elegant fusion of ancient silversmithing traditions from the Kingdom of Lanna and New York Art Deco. Using only sustainable, recycled silver and gold, her stunning pieces are set with ethically sourced conflict-free gemstones. The company actively supports rural communities in the Thai region that inspired its unique line of jewelry. She also supports charitable organizations and causes such as Resolution Project, Action4Diabetics, and the Thai Young Philanthropist Network.
Proud LimpongpanProud Limpongpan



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September 29, 2017 – Hair Care Founder Cornell McBride, Bicycle Entrepreneur Rich Allen, & Meaning at Work Danny Gutknecht

Cornell McBride Jr. – President of McBride Research Labs


Cornell McBride Jr

M&M Products Company was in the health and beauty aids industry, selling their revolutionary product Sta-Sof-Fro. It was the first softening product developed for African-American men’s hair, and had revenues in excess of $40 million dollars and four national brands. In 1989, Cornell McBride Sr. and his partner sold M&M Products Company to Johnson Products. Cornell McBride  Jr. created The Design Essentials hair care system in 1990 for direct distribution of premium, quality hair care solutions. The collection now includes the Therapeutics Rx, Wave by Design and Colaura brands, and are sold on e-commerce websites and directly to hair salons in the United States, Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Their products are engineered to infuse hair with vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability. Cornell was a finalist for the Atlanta Small Business Person of the Year.
Cornell McBrideCornell McBride


Rich Allen - Founder at Tour de Profit, Recruiter, Advisor to Small Business Owners and Author of The Ultimate Business Tune Up: A Simple Yet Powerful Business Model That Will Transform the Lives of Small Business Owners


Rich Allen

Rich Allen is passionate about helping small business owners accomplish great things.  He has worked with business owners for nearly 10 years, helping to solve their most complex problems. His goal is to help owners improve profitability, build great teams, and implement repeatable business processes. His clients build a sustainable, profitable business that can succeed even without them. Rich uses the bicycle as a metaphor for a business. It’s a powerful way to look at businesses to learn what needs to be improved. Rich helps business owners have the “ride of their life” in their business. He has a radio show on KVGI Radio called “The Tour de Profit Hour” which the heroes of the American economy.
Rich AllenRich Allen


Danny Gutknecht – CEO of Pathways and Author of Author of Meaning At Work – And Its Hidden Language 


Daniel Gutknecht

Danny Gutknecht is CEO of Pathways, and for over 20 years, his clients have trusted him to design and execute recruiting and talent development strategies. He helps organizations tap their potential by creating meaningful places to work. He has been a speaker at SXSW, The Global Innovation Summit, SHRM and various leadership retreats. Danny has authored the book “Meaning at Work.” Previously, he served as a CEO of a national retained search firm and he served as Co-Chair of The Greater Phoenix Economic Council.  In his book, Danny takes us on a journey through the insights of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Abraham Maslow, and neuroscience to understand what meaning is, how it works and what can be done to engage it.
Daniel GutknechtDaniel Gutknecht


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