July 12, 2022 – Mobile Mentor Denis O’Shea, Organizational Velocity Alan Amling and Get Unstuck Lia Garvin

July 12, 2022 – Mobile Mentor Denis O’Shea, Organizational Velocity Alan Amling and Get Unstuck Lia Garvin

Denis O’Shea – Founder of Mobile Mentor – Microsoft’s 2021 Global Partner of the Year   

Denis O’Shea

Denis O’Shea founded Mobile Mentor in New Zealand in 2004. Since then, the company has helped millions of people unlock the full potential of their technology. In 2017, O’Shea moved to Nashville, Tennessee to launch the company’s US business, with a focus on securing the mobile workforce in industries such as healthcare, education, finance and government services. Mobile Mentor is a global leader in the endpoint ecosystem, helping clients to navigate the right balance between security and employee experience. The company was named Microsoft’s 2021 Global Partner of the year for Modern Endpoint Management primarily for their work helping Alive Hospice safely treat patients during COVID 19. In addition to being a top Microsoft partner, they are also certified by Apple and Google. Mobile Mentor has recently worked with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Michigan Medicine, Mayo Clinic and the US Coast Guard.

Dr. Alan Amling – CEO of Thrive and Advance LLC and Author of  Organizational Velocity: Turbocharge Your Business to Stay Ahead of the Curve          

Alan Amling

Alan Amling is a TED speaker and thought leader on harnessing digital disruption for success.  Alan helped drive innovation over a 27-year career with UPS and is currently a Distinguished Fellow at The University of Tennessee and CEO of advisory firm Thrive and Advance LLC.  He also serves as an advisor for Airflow.aero, Deliver-EZ, the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, and the NextGen Supply Chain Conference.  He researches, invests, advises, and speaks on innovation in manufacturing and logistics and how firms can recognize and thrive in disruption.

Lia Garvin – Organizational Effectiveness Expert and Author of Unstuck: Reframe your thinking to free yourself from the patterns and people that hold you back

Lia Garvin

Lia Garvin is the author of ‘UNSTUCK: Reframe Your Thinking to Free Yourself From the Patterns and People that Hold You Back,’ leaning into nearly 10 years of experience working in some of the largest and most influential companies in tech including Microsoft, Apple and Google to explore the power of reframing to overcome common challenges found in the modern workplace. She is a TEDx and SXSW speaker and has been a featured guest on WGN Chicago and WJLA Washington DC news. She was recognized by the National Diversity Council as a 2021 DEI Champion. As an operations leader, speaker and coach, Lia is on a mission to humanize the workplace, one conversation at a time. Through her writing, leadership coaching and savvy program management skills, she brings an authentic and irreverent sense of humor to teams to help them examine the challenges holding them back and focus on what matters. She has built robust diversity & inclusion programs, launched the world’s first holographic computer, driven programs and initiatives around team inclusion and organizational effectiveness, and coaches people on how to drive impactful work and thrive working in tech. Lia has a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in sociology, a Masters of Arts in media studies from the New College of California and is a Co-Active and ICF certified professional coach.