June 8, 2022 – Emergent Approach Peter Compo PhD and Growth Tim Redmond

June 8, 2022 – Emergent Approach Peter Compo PhD and Growth Tim Redmond

Peter Compo – job title The Emergent Approach to Strategy: Adaptive Design & Execution

There is still not an agreed definition to what strategy is. With
all of the advice that is given, it is very hard to incorporate that
advice when we still don’t have a real framework for strategy.

Peter Compo

In Peter Compo’s upcoming book, The Emergent Approach to Strategy: Adaptive Design and Execution, the DuPont veteran lays out a new theory and detailed practice of strategy built on an adaptive view of change and innovation, in contrast to “planning” the future. He was driven to write this book, in part, out of frustration with the state of strategy theory and practice. In addition to what he gleaned in his 25-year DuPont career, he cites decades of academic and consultant reports of chronic strategy failure. And despite the how much is written about it and how much is spent on it, strategy practice doesn’t seem to be improving, as recent reports suggest.

Tim Redmond – CEO of 

Casualness causes casualties. You can’t build a successful
business with a half-ass effort, when it requires full ass
focus and effort!

Tim Redmond

For over 35 years, Tim Redmond has been growing highly successful businesses including his work at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, growing a software company from 2 to 400 employees then selling it to Intuit, Inc. and helping over thousands of business owners gain time and financial freedom. Tim is also an author and speaker throughout the world whose leadership maxims have been featured in John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. He currently leads one of the most successful business growth coaching firms in the world whose team has led over 1500 business owners through their unique and powerful processes to improve all areas of their business to more than double revenues, triple profits and realign their businesses to releases the owners to boldly live their purpose, love their families and better serve their communities. Tim takes great joy in helping business owners and leaders of organizations move from casualness to excellence to dramatically increase their success, influence and impact on others.