June 22, 2022 – Airline Magazine Entrepreneur Simon Leslie and Recruiter Central Luke Doubler

June 22, 2022 – Airline Magazine Entrepreneur Simon Leslie and Recruiter Central Luke Doubler

Simon Leslie – James Bond of Sales, Founder of Ink and Author of Equanimity: The Diary of a CEO in Crisis  

Simon Leslie

Simon Leslie is founder and chief executive of Ink, a global travel media company. For over 30 years; Simon has dedicated his career to creating travel publications that have been held by anyone who’s flown on a plane in the last few decades. That accomplishment has made him the World Record Holder for the amount of inflight magazines launched and published. With over 250 million copies of magazines published in the last 30 years he knows a thing or two about crafting travel media. Despite his success, Simon’s business didn’t evade the pandemic. Ink’s revenue went from 150 million to zero. Against all odds, Simon used his entrepreneurial prowess to make it back on top bigger, better, and more successful than ever before. He is ready to share his lessons and outlook with other business leaders who find themselves under duress. Simon has also authored three books on sales and life and a beautiful compilation of motivational poems. He was given talks on every continent including in Lapland. As a mentor and serial investor to multiple young entrepreneurs he also coaches worn out business leaders how to live the life of their dreams. He is also an expert in Handwriting, Hypnosis, Understanding Micro Expressions and body language, Master in words and linguistics and a student of happiness.

Luke Doubler – Founder of RecruiterCentral

Luke Doubler

Luke Doubler knows how employers can compete during The Great Resignation and recruiting secrets from Fortune 50 companies. As a founder of the rapidly growing and uniquely innovative premier search firm Recruiter Central, Luke and his team provide placements for critical job openings, work with experts to train their teams, and are a source of consistent and engaging content to raise recruiting acumen. Luke saw a need for innovation in the recruiting world and founded Recruiter Central with a passion to combine the best in training, technology, and recruiting. Recruiter Central helps many of the Fortune 50 companies (Disney, Cargill, PayPal, etc) hire the talent they need to continue their vast success, and find candidates that other recruiters can’t. More specifically, RecruiterCentral specializes in filling business-critical strategic roles that are oftentimes difficult to fill. Luke has trained thousands of corporate and agency recruiters to be the best at what they do: source talent to achieve a purpose. Luke has had hundreds of speaking engagements on sourcing topics ranging from national audiences to local meetups and can give recruiting advice to everyone from small startups to massive corporations.