May 2, 2022 – Human Herd Beth Anstandig, Spiritual Business Justin S. Grant and the Fit Oven

May 2, 2022 – Human Herd Beth Anstandig, Spiritual Business Justin S. Grant and the Fit Oven

Beth Anstandig – The Circle Up Experience and Author of The Human Herd: Awakening Our Natural Leadership             

Beth Anstandig

Beth Anstandig is changing the way organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals use their power. As a life-long cowgirl, writer, professor, and licensed psychotherapist, Beth has 25 years of experience pioneering the Natural Leadership model, helping people awaken their innate awareness so they can live and work with more authentic relationships and connection. She has been featured in global media including BBC World Service, PBS, and Forbes. She’s trained thousands of CEOs, managers, and teams from Fortune 1000 companies, universities, and nonprofits, helping them tap into their Natural Leadership to live, lead and work with genuine connection. Circle Up’s model of Natural Leadership and experiential learning with horses integrates human psychology, animal behavior, and natural systems to offer a unique approach to personal and professional development.

Justin S. Grant – Author of Business & Spirituality: Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution      

Justin S. Grant

Justin S. Grant is an entrepreneur, singer, author, and speaker. At the University of California in Santa Barbara, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and studied world religions. Justin then travelled to the Himalayas in India/Nepal and deepened his love of sacred music and meditation. As founder of an IT consultancy in Los Angeles, he acquired broad experience in the business sector. He received an Audio Engineering certification from Musicians Institute in Hollywood and established a recording studio and record label. In the non-profit sphere, he served in multiple organizations as a board member, treasurer, technical director, and live performer. His best-selling book, Business & Spirituality ~ Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution, offers a pragmatic path for truth seekers in the global era.

Dr. Laura Dunham – e-Fest Organizer and Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, University of St. Thomas 

Dr. Dunham

e-Fest is presented by and the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation. Our mission at is to improve the success rates of new ventures by promoting exceptional entrepreneurship teaching and thought leadership. Several young entrepreneurs at Florida Atlantic University are hoping to change your fast-food dining habits with their invention “Fit Oven,” a state-of-the-art custom intelligent vending machine that refrigerates, heats up, and dispenses hot and healthy meals to the consumer in 90 seconds or less and at a price point 27% lower than fast-food and fast-casual alternatives. They competed in the University of St. Thomas pitch competition.