April 14, 2022 – Digital Surgeons Pete Sena and Interactive Content Saksham Sharda

April 14, 2022 – Digital Surgeons Pete Sena and Interactive Content Saksham Sharda


Pete Sena – Founder of Digital Surgeons     

Profit is a result, not a goal. Focus on people,
your customer and your team. 

Pete Sena

Pete “the Geek” Sena started coding at 13, consulted for global companies in high school, and launched Digital Surgeons from his dorm room. Since 2004, Pete has been the founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of Digital Surgeons, a creative consultancy that launched on $5,000 and today is a thriving 8-figure organization that employs more than 50 people and is housed in the innovative, comprehensive coworking ecosystem District, co-founded by Pete. He and his team have created award-winning work for innovators from Lady Gaga to United Technologies and the US Open and countless organizations from start-ups to scale-ups. Pete has also helped numerous companies from early fundraising to IPO, collectively raising more than $100 million for various client-partners over the years. Pete is also a Venture Mentor at Yale University and an entrepreneur-in-residence at his alma mater, the University of Connecticut, in the Technology Incubation Program. He is also host of the Forward Obsessed Podcast.


Saksham Sharda – Creative Director and CIO of Outgrow

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Saksham Sharda

On his 28th birthday, Saksham Sharda and the guy who invented the #hashtag gatecrashed a cryptocurrency cruise in Lisbon harbour! Saksham is the Creative Director and CIO of Outgrow, the world’s first all-in-one Interactive Content Platform. Outgrow lets marketers build and launch interactive calculators and viral quizzes that help engage website visitors and generate more leads. With multiple top-10 launches on ProductHunt.com, Saksham is an expert at developing and promoting new products. He specializes in marketing and web development, particularly in relation to interactivity and data science. His interactive experiences have  been featured on TrendHunter, ProductHunt, New York Marketing Association, Alibaba, TechCrunch, and Digimarcon Silicon Valley. He is also the host of the Marketer of the Month Podcast which has featured guests ranging from the co-founders of Wikipedia, Forbes influencers, and Pulitzer Prize winners.