January 7, 2022 – Online Ed Joe DeMaria and Liminal Space Rick Simmons

January 7, 2022 – Online Ed Joe DeMaria and Liminal Space Rick Simmons

Joe DeMaria – Founder of Teach to Scale

Course length is not a limitation. We have done courses
that are 40 hours long and courses that are 2 hours long.

Joe DeMaria

Joe DeMaria is the creator of “Dynamic Ascension Training” which is an 80/20 teaching system that focuses on breaking down even the most complicated skill sets into simple digestible training programs. He is one of the most sought after course creation consultants on the planet — having worked to create dozens of Dynamic Ascension Training Programs for high-end entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants. His company Teach To Scale also creates corporate learning and development programs to minimize training costs, recruiting costs, and ramp up time for new or transitioned employees.

Rick Simmons – Author of Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of Liminal Space

While the recognition of one’s ‘why’ is not unimportant, I
don’t think its the first domino that needs to drop. 

Rick Simmons

Rick Simmons is the ForbesBooks co-author of Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of Liminal Space. He also is co-founder and chief executive officer of the telos institute (www.thetelosinstitute.com), which helps leaders in business and industry hone their leadership skills, optimize their business strategy and embrace change as a strategic advantage. Prior to founding telos, Simmons spent 10 years in various senior strategy and sales leadership positions within the financial services industry.