March 23, 2020 – Wireless Power Florian Bohn Great Fail Debra Chen and 1st Time Home Owners AJ Barkley

March 23, 2020 – Wireless Power Florian Bohn Great Fail Debra Chen and 1st Time Home Owners AJ Barkley

Florian Bohn – CEO & Co-Founder at GuRu

You should not have to think about power for your devices. You do
not have to worry about plugging in your devices, recharging them.
The only time you will think of power is when it is not there.

Florian Bohn

Florian Bohn has always felt compelled to understand the way the world works. As a co-founder and CEO of GuRu, Florian brings years of technology experience. At Axiom Microdevices, he helped define and implement high-frequency RF integrated circuits which have shipped more than 400 million units. At Agilent Laboratories (formerly HP Labs), he worked on clock and data recovery circuits as well as novel test and measurement systems. As a Caltech Lead Scientific Researcher, Florian guided engineering and operational aspects of implementing the microwave system at Caltech’s Space Solar Power Initiative. At GuRu, Florian is thrilled to be building technology that will enrich people’s lives on a global scale. He is also proud to be building a community of passionate and like-minded engineers at the organization.

Debra Chen – Corporate Consultant and Host of The Great Fail Podcast 

I have always been fascinated by why great companies have failed.
I wanted to marry that with my love of true crime and put together
a genre bending platform for people. 

Debra Chen

Debra Chen, a long-time corporate consultant on capital markets this week launched her own podcast, The Great Fail. Debra said the podcast will focus on the stories behind infamous business failures, such as the recent WeWork IPO collapse, with a sensibility and story-telling approach borrowed from narrative-minded true-crime podcasts. The Great Fail is a true crime inspired, business podcast that examines the greatest success stories of the most prominent and prolific companies, brands, and people and what led to their demise. Stemming from a Wall Street background, Debra is a seasoned executive who has cut her teeth on the trading floors of Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan. She has over a decade of success advising CEOs, board members and C-suite executives on their communications and investor relations strategy and was a Principal at IRTH Communications. Her work has been published in major financial media outlets that include Bloomberg, Reuters, and Barron’s and her background in art and design has led her to be featured in the New York Post, Korea Herald, Huffington Post, NerdStalker and other media outlets.

AJ Barkley – Neighborhood Lending Executive at Bank of America

Bank of America will give first-timers up to $17,500 towards
the purchase of your new house! 

AJ Barkley

AJ Barkley

AJ Barkley is the Neighborhood Lending Executive for Bank of America, responsible for identifying opportunities to drive successful homeownership among low-to moderate-income borrowers, underserved communities, and multicultural borrowers across the economic spectrum. In her role is, she is accountable for transforming the company’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) commitment for more mortgages, small business, vehicle and small business lending into a strategy designed to increase demand, market share and consumer education. She is also responsible for aligning strategies to deepen relationships with multicultural, first-time home buyers and low- to moderate-income consumers. Prior to joining Neighborhood Lending, she held many roles at Bank of America.