February 16, 2018 – Ruggable Jeneva Bell, From Boardroom to Baby Kristin M. Helms, and Podcasting Guru Nicole Holland

Jeneva Bell – Co-Founder of RUGGABLE 2-Piece Rug System 


Jeneva Bell

Jeneva Bell is the Founder and CEO of the RUGGABLE 2-Piece Rug System, a solution-oriented product for your floor that delivers results. The concept for RUGGABLE came about after her dog had an accident on her area rug. Professional cleaning and so-called miracle products didn’t work. The odor was still trapped deep in the carpet fibers. Jeneva knew that if the top surface design could somehow separate from a sturdy base, you could put the top in the washing machine, and like bedding, it would be thoroughly clean and odor free. She put her background in product development to work, and many years and many prototypes later, RUGGABLE stain-resistant, waterproof rugs are outperforming the competition. The patented Cling Effect™ technology keeps the cover securely attached to the nonslip pad until you’re ready to remove it, wash it or change it out for a different style. It works so well you can even vacuum the rugs when the cover is attached. Her products have been featured in Newsweek, Elle Magazine, US Weekly, and Marie Claire among others.
Jeneva BellJeneva Bell


Kristin Helms –  Founder + Editor-in-Chief at Tribe Magazine and Author of From Boardroom to Baby: A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms


Kristin Helms

Kristin Helms is the Founder of Tribe Magazine, a collaborative online publication where moms share insightful, humorous, and inspiring thoughts about motherhood. Kristin is the author of “From Boardroom to Baby: A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms.” Her book provides emotional encouragement and practical guidance for career women who are opting out of the workforce to stay home with their children. She articulates the heartfelt and honest side of raising tiny humans through her articles published in The Huffington Post, Literary Mama, and Big City Moms among other large parenting sites. Her mommy musings have been described as encouraging, refreshing and magic with words. Kristin is a former marketing manager at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, and she was responsible for overall making strategy, media plan, public relations, advertising, and social media campaigns for the various markets. Kristin oversaw all renovation marketing communications and media tours as property underwent $100M renovation.
Kristin HelmsKristin Helms



Nicole Holland – Develop Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Solutions for B2C Businesses

Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland is the lady behind the scenes at Interviews That Convert where she supports business owners and CEO’s in making a greater impact in the world through Podcast Guesting. Nicole inspires entrepreneurs worldwide with her very popular podcast, The Business Building Rockstars Show and podcast series, Get Guest Ready, that teaches you how to be the best podcast guest ever.  Nicole is proud to have been named by Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017.” Nicole conducted more than 250 high-level interviews with industry experts and influencers, plus having grown her own brand & business by getting featured on other people’s podcasts, web shows, and virtual summits. She is known as the go-to-gal when it comes to making a big splash fast!
Nicole HollandNicole Holland



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