November 15, 2017 – Futurist Daniel Burrus, Inspiration Engineer Cauveé and Reach Author Andy Molinsky

Daniel Burrus – Technology Futurist, Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker and Author of The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage

Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading futurists. He focuses on global trends and innovation. The New York Times referred to him as one of the top three demanded business guru speaker. He works with executives from Fortune 500 companies as a strategic advisor to help them develop game-changing strategies. He uses his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations and their future impact. He is the author of seven books, including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller “Flash Foresight,” as well as the international best-seller “Technotrends.” His latest book, The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change Into Opportunity and Advantage, was an Amazon #1 Hot New Release for Business.
Daniel BurrusDaniel Burrus


Cauveé – Inspiration Engineer at Cauvee LLC, Contributor to Huffington Post, Contributor to Influencive



Cauveé helps people live inspired and be fulfilled. Cauveé (pronounced kaw-vay) is an “Inspiration Engineer.” He is equal parts lifestyle coach, strategist, musician, and serial entrepreneur. As a musician that sold out a 1,209 seat concert (at the age of 18), to being a leading salesman for some of the world’s leading brands, to speaking at the University of Delaware without a traditional degree, to helping his first student break 6-figures in revenue, and to becoming #1 on Zillow, Cauveé is an inspiration!


Dr. Andy Molinsky – Brandeis Professor, Columnist and Author of Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge and Build Confidence

Andy Molinsky

Andy Molinsky

Dr. Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, with a joint appointment in the Department of Psychology. He is the author of the new book “Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Behavior Across Cultures Without Losing Yourself in the Process” (published by Harvard Business Review Press) and a new book “Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge and Build Confidence.” Andy received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and a B.A. in International Affairs from Brown University. His current work focuses on the challenges people face when adapting to foreign behavior. He has published in many top academic journals, and his work has also been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, the Economist, the Boston Globe, the Financial Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and on NPR.
Andy MolinskyAndy Molinsky



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