October 2, 2017 – 3D Clothes Printing Christine Ko, DV Closet Alexandros Alexandropoulos & Cerimani Jewelry Proud Limpongpan

Christine Ko - CEO of Venia Collection

Christine Ko

Christine Ko

Christine Ko is the CEO of Venia Collection, a new way to experience clothing.  Venia is a contemporary, premium label designed for the modern entrepreneur, men and women. The brand is fully committed to fusing technology into its manufacturing, leveraging advancements in virtual reality and 3D Printing. They use only 100% sustainable fibers to create the best possible product for both you and the environment. It is produced ethically and locally in Los Angeles. Christine is known for her unique background of creative problem solving, quick thinking and enjoys risk taking challenges in the industry.
Christine KoChristine Ko


Alexandros Alexandropoulos – Co-Founder of DV Closet


Alexandros Alexandropoulos

Alexandros Alexandropoulos’ background is in law, with a specialization in Corporate and Maritime Law. He gained experience in a number of law firms (Clyde & Co, Hill Dickinson, and Holman Fenwick Willan) and considers law to be his “first love.” But after his legal career, together with a group of innovators, he founded DV Closet. DV Closet is a fashiontech startup. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, DV Closet provides a personal digital fashion experience. Users of the app will enjoy expensive high end fashion services using their mobile phones. Their application is reducing the “barriers-to-entry” and increases the reach for all fashion professionals, shoppers, bloggers, designers, media, stylists, retailers, and photographers.

DV ClosetDV Closet


Proud Limpongpan – Founder and CEO of Cerimani Inc.

Proud Limpongpan

Proud Limpongpan

Prior to b-school, Proud Limpongpan was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, in the telecom, media, and technology sectors. She received a MBA from Harvard Business School after a BS in Economics from the London School of Economics. Proud was at John Hardy, a private equity backed jewelry brand, and grew interested in the intersection between craftsmanship and innovation. She wants to use that to change the jewelry manufacturing industry. She also worked at Kate Spades & Company’s Tech Product Strategy Group, where her initiatives have been adopted and can be seen in stores today. Her startup company, Cerimani, has designs are an elegant fusion of ancient silversmithing traditions from the Kingdom of Lanna and New York Art Deco. Using only sustainable, recycled silver and gold, her stunning pieces are set with ethically sourced conflict-free gemstones. The company actively supports rural communities in the Thai region that inspired its unique line of jewelry. She also supports charitable organizations and causes such as Resolution Project, Action4Diabetics, and the Thai Young Philanthropist Network.
Proud LimpongpanProud Limpongpan



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