September 7, 2017 – Founder of USA Network & Sci Fi Channel and CEO of Wirkn

A Greatest Hits Show!

Kay Koplovitz – Chairman of Koplovitz & Co, Founder of USA Network & Sci Fi Channel and Author of Been There, Run That

Kay Koplovitz

Kay Koplovitz

Kay Koplovitz …..

  • used geosynchronous orbiting satellites to broadcast the Thrilla in Manila between Ali and Frazier,
  • launched the first satellite delivered basic cable network, USA Network,
  • created the two revenue stream model – advertising and licensing – that still exists today,
  • built USA into the #1 ranking in prime time viewership among cable networks, for 13 consecutive years,
  • sold it in 1998 for $4.5 Billion and became a publicly listed company,
  • Today, she is Chairman of Springboard Enterprises, the nation’s premier platform for connecting women with venture capital,
  • helped 481 companies raise over $5.5 billion in new capital.

Kay KoplovitzKay Koplovitz


Derek Szeto – CEO of Wirkn

Derek Szeto

Derek Szeto

Derek Szeto ….

  • is CEO and Founder of Wirkn, a mobile app for Apple iOS devices,
  • helps job seekers find job opportunities around them.
  • was also founder of, which was acquired by the Yellow Pages Group in 2010,
  • is the Entrepreneur In Residence at Kinetic Café.

Derek SzetoDerek Szeto