January 23, 2017 – Amazon SuperGuru Skip McGrath Double Feature!

Today instead of two great guests, we have two interviews from one great guest. The first interview is about 3 years old, and is on beginner Amazon skills. The second interview is new and is on intermediate Amazon skills. 


Skip McGrath

Skip McGrath –  eBay, Amazon & Affiliate Guru and Author of Three Weeks to eBay Profits 

Skip has been on the show several times and one of our favorite guests. Megan, host Jim’s wife, used Skip’s techniques to start an Amazon business that made 60k in year one! Skip has shared his eBay and Amazon techniques to show us how to develop another source of income. Skip’s path to entrepreneurial success started with the closing of a New York antique shop in 1997. He ventured to eBay to see if he could sell his remaining stock and within a few months, he was looking for more inventory!

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