January 15, 2015 – Go International w Dr. Renée Moore & Social Selling Barbara Giamanco

Dr. Renée Moore – Founder of Business Beyond Borders

International Business

Renee Moore

Dr. Renée Moore has grown successful businesses in Europe, India, and Latin America and believes all entrepreneurs can go international too. Learn the story in her ebook How to Build a Thriving International Business- 5 Secrets to My Multimillion Euro Success.” She uses proven strategies to grow mulitmillion Euro companies, and is dedicated to helping you do the same. She is also is frequent speaker around the world. 
Renée Moore Renée Moore


Barbara Giamanco –  Sales & Social Selling Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media

Social Selling

Barbara Giamanco

Barbara Giamanco is a Sales & Social Selling expert. She is a Keynote Speaker and best selling author. Voted as a Top 50 Most Influential in Sales, she works to help salespeople learn social selling strategies that include navigating social networks and engaging buyers digitally. She has trained more than 30,000 sellers and was awarded a 2014 Top 23 Social Selling Trainer, a 2014 Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencer, a Top 25 Sales Influencer by InsideView (three times), and a Top Sales Professional on Twitter by Axomon.

Barbara GiamancoBarbara GiamancoBarbara Giamanco


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