December 10, 2013 – Small Ponder Michael Roderick & As Seen on TV Kevin Harrington

Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick

Michael Roderick – CEO of Small Pond Enterprises

Michael Roderick is a Broadway Producer and a power connector. His company, Small Pond Enterprises, supports innovators and entrepreneurs with a range of personalized educational services provided by expert consultants. And he runs ConnectorCon, a conference designed to help create a safe space for the sharing of ideas and resources. As far as the Broadway producing thing, he was one of the producers for “The Scottsboro Boys” which garnered 12 Tony nominations in 2011!  Twelve!

Some of Michael’s work….

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Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington – Shark on Shark Tank and Founder of  As Seen On TV 

Kevin Harrington is the father of the direct response TV business. You have seen his commercials thousands of times, can you say Ginzu Knifes and As Seen on TV? He pioneered the “infomercial” industry and has launched over 500 products, resulting in $4 billion in sales! And of course, you know him from the first three seasons of “Shark Tank” on ABC. His book  “Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products” chronicles his life and experiences in the DRTV industry. Kevin also serves as the spokesperson for EFactor, the sponsor of this show.

See Kevin in action….

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