May 31, 2013 – William “My Employees Hate Me!” Eisenbrandt & “10 Best Entre. Movies” Writer

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William Eisenbrandt    

Author of “Why Do My Employees Hate Me”

Founder of Vertical Business Group

As a UGA alumni from the Terry College of Business, William Eisenbrandt is one of our own. As an author, speaker, and business consultant, William has spent the past several years helping small-business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses in an tough economy. In his book, “Why Do My Employees Hate Me,” William helps readers achieve this end through  providing a paradigm shaped by this question.


Tanya Prive Tanya Prive

Co-founder of

Writer for

Tanya and I discuss her article from called  Entrepreneurs At The Movies: The 10 Best Flicks. Tanya is one of our show Guru’s and visits frequently!