May 20, 2013 – Automated Marketing Charlie McDermott & D. Ric Carter

Broadcast May 20, 2013  on Liberty Express Radio - Charlie McDermott & D. Ric Carter

This week we go over automated marketing methods with Charlie McDermott and D. Ric Carter

Automated Marketing Expert Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott- Entrepreneur, Speaker, Web Tv Personality

Charlie has a great story. You will especially love hearing how he used his entrepreneurial skills to land his son major Hollywood roles in TV and major films. He specializes in direct, outbound automated marketing. It takes 5 touches on average to sell a product, and most give up after 3! He is founder of The Business & Entrepreneur Network, which is dedicated to dominating Google, generating traffic and increasing response rates.




Automated Marketing Expert Ric Carter

Ric Carter

D. Ric Carter- CEO at is a revolutionary digital advertising medium and mobile marketing platform created just for locally owned and operated small business. For under a dollar a day, deploys cutting edge tools that virtually automate marketing efforts so small and big companies can grow revenues, cut costs and increase profits.