December 17, 2012 – Amazon Guru Skip McGrath!

Guest: Skip McGrath, Owner of, Author of many E-Bay,Amazon Sales Books

Skip McGrath

Skip McGrath

After being right sized by a Fortune 500 company in 1999, Skip McGrath (an international marketing executive) and his wife Karen started an eBay business.  Within two years, she quit her job to work on the eBay business full time.  Two years later in 2002, he did the same.  Now they make “well into the 6 figures” and their life ranks a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10!

Skip realized that others might need this information and he wrote his first book, The eBay Power Sellers Manual. This was followed by The Complete eBay Marketing System. Since those first books, Skip has written several other books about selling on eBay and Amazon.  These books include Three Weeks to eBay Profits and How To Make Money Blogging From Home.

Recently, Skip expanded the business to include selling on Amazon, creating two profitable blogs and selling books and other products from three websites.

He has appeared on the Today Show and a number of other business and lifestyle radio and television shows.

This is a great interview!  You will learn a TON and it is very inspirational!