November 5, 2012 – Happy Belly Entre.: Funded by Starbucks, see Movie by Banana Republic

Happy Bell Curbside Kitchen

Happy Bell Curbside Kitchen

 Terry Hall of Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen

Terry has been a guest on my other radio show, about restaurants. But I was so interested in the story that I asked him back not as a restaurateur, but as an entrepreneur. Terry Hall was a country club manager who quit to follow a dream, his strong passion for bringing healthy food to all.

The thing that is the most interesting is how Terry has taken an industry not known for its business excellence and looked at it with sophistication and depth of thought. His truck is the first with a corporate tie like his with the Big Green Egg Company. He raised his startup capital (with the help of last week’s guest Grace Frick of Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs!) and from Starbucks’ Create Jobs for USA fund.

And just recently, Banana Republic made a documentary about him! Just too cool.  All this for a food truck.  Done right. Very right.